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For your information: Some drive-by editor spammed us with this, and though we decided not to delete it, we don't really care much for it. The talk page is probably a lot more interesting than the actual essay.

I am calling all the free peoples of the world to unite against the fascist threat. By that I don't mean patriotic, anti-Islamization movements like the GOP, Tea Party, EDL and Geert Wilders,that the far-left commie "anti-fascists" call fascists, but the fascist pseudo-religion of Islam (whose "holy book" calls for the killing of non-Mudscum) and the even worse fascists - the spoiled upper-class left-wing freaks who want us to capitulate to Islamization, antisemitism and the gay agenda. I also think we need to unite destroy the REAL, bona fide neo-Nazis and fascists, but what the far-left Israel-hating media won't tell you is that those Nazi scum are more left wing than right; they deny Mudscum were responsible for 9/11 (blaming it on God's Chosen), they oppose globalization and the Iraq war (which means they are going to Hell), they get tattoos and piercings and have premarital sex, and worst of all, they are allied to the Satanic Palestinians.

My username[edit]

"Unite Against Fascism" is a communist organization in the United Kingdom. They claim to be defending the UK from racism, fascism and Nazism. But a clear look at their website shows they are COMPLETELY SILENT on anti-black racism and antisemitism, both incredibly widespread in far left, heathen Britain. They, on the other hand, are consistently going on about "anti-Muslim racism"? WTF? Since when is Islam a race? And if you are so anti-racist, why don't you protest neo-Nazi organizations, or the IRA, or the Islamofascists? Why do you only protest groups like the BNP and the EDL, who hate Nazis and if elected would bomb the hell of that shithole Germany? (which is what Krauts deserve) The answer is that the UAF is really a white supremacist organization, that hates Jews and supports the fascist Palestinians. They have ties to the the Aryan supremacist government in Iran. They support Hamas and see Jews as evil oppressors of the poor muzzies. Do you know who else supported Islam? HITLER! Yeah, they're really anti-Nazi. And why don't they EVER talk about the discrimination that black people (who are good Christians who are reclaiming Britain from the secular heathen commies) suffer in Britain? BECAUSE THEY ARE RACISTS SCUM WHO HATE BLACKS, AMERICANS AND JEWS, AND ONLY CARE ABOUT WHITE EUROPEANS AND THEIR ISLAMIST ALLIES! On the other hand the "racist" EDL love black people, waving signs saying "black and white unite" and exposing the truth about Islam's treatment of Blacks.


Islam is a racist, terrorist religion. If you read the Koran, you will clearly see it calls for the destruction of Christianity, the destruction of Jews, the assassination of George W. Bush and the extermination of everyone without blonde hair and blue eyes. It also says that Hitler is one of the great prophets.

Islam has murdered millions of Africans, Americans and African-Americans throughout history, as well as billions of Jews. They are killing millions of innocent non-whites today. Having white skin is valued in Arab culture, and it's the fault of the Koran. The Bible clearly says that dark skin is to be valued, and light-skinned people should marry outside their race. The Koran, on the otherhand, says that interracial marriage is against their religion, whereas pedophilia is fine (as Mohammed himself shows).

Islam's allies - the left wing and the white supremacists[edit]

Islamofascism has two main allies among the self-hating spoiled rich people in the "west", the capitulating anorexic far-leftist trendy scumbags, and the white supremacist neo-Nazis - two groups thar GREATLY overlap. The former see Islamanazi scum as defending themselves from the "evil" Christians, Jews, homophobes and Americans, while the latter see them as defending themselves from the evil homophobes, Christians, blacks, Jews, philipinos and Americans. Well actually, the leftists hate blacks and philipinos too, they just don't admit it.

Antisemitism has always been left-wing[edit]

Although the founder of Marxism was a Jew, he was a self-hating Jew. Nearly every leftist Third World "liberation" movement has, as soon as it took power, removed all the Jews in the country. From Gaddafi to the Sandinistas, the left has always terrorized God's Chosen people, while the good and holy Right has defended them. The Soviet Union probably secretly killed more Jews than Hitler, and HITLER WAS A LIBERAL TOO! He supported Islam, animal rights and other demonic things!

The real neo-Nazis are allied with Islam[edit]

While the left calls everyone against Islam a Nazi (ironic since 99% of "mainstream" pro-Hitler sentiment comes from leftists, like Oliver Stone for example), the real neo-Nazis, Klansmen and neo-fascists are allied with Islam against Blacks, Jews and everyone else the Koran says should be killed. One time when some patriotic anti-Islamists in Denmark held a protest against Islam, the Mudscum, "anti-fascists" AND the Nazi party allied to attack them, and accuse them of being Zionist Jews. That is only ONE example out of billions of cases of such pro-Islam garbage from the black-Christian-hating Nazi scum.

The correlation between being leftist and anti-American/antisemitic, and problems such as self-cutting and eating disorders[edit]

The spoiled yuppie scum who hate America and support Islam are generally the most sick, miserable people in the world. A survey of several countries showed that Norway has the highest rate of bulimia in the world. Other surveys show Norway to have the highest rates of depression and self-cutting in Europe. Depression is even called "Norwegian disease" elsewhere in Europe. But bulimia is not the only mental disorder plaguing Norway, there are others - leftism, antisemitism and anti-Americanism. A 2008 Gallup poll showed Norwegians are the most anti-Bush people in Europe. The political climate in Norway is very poltically correct and anti-Semitic, and most Norwegians LOVE the Palestinians. The mainstream media in Norway is constantly libelling Israel, to an even greater extent than elsewhere in Europe. To your average Norwegian, Jews are the most evil people in the world, and Muslims are great.

So we see in the example of Norway the general trend in the west, which is that left-liberals and antisemites are the most miserable, mentally unstable people in the universe. Why else are Norwegians both anti-Israel/anti-West, and ALSO have such high rates of bulimia and self-cutting? It shows what kind of miserable, self-hating scum the left attracts. Of course, we should also keep in mind that this self-destructive behavior may be partly retribution from Christ for the heathenry and hate these liberals promote.

Christians, conservatives and anti-Islam patriots are much more happy and healthy. They are generally overweight or obese, or even morbidly obese, and that is healthy both physically and spiritually. Because they are obese, they are much stronger than miserable weak-ass spoiled emo liberals. They are happy and do not have high rates of homosexuality and suicide the way liberals and Nazis do.