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Essay:Obama's New World Order Plan

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The illuminati are an organization started when the Tower of Babel was created. After humanity was seperated and languages were scrambled, the Illuminati were still gathered together in order to start their plans for a New World Order and the Antichrist. One of Jesus Christ's reasons aside from dying on the cross to forgive out sins was to warn us of this.

Over Right after jesus ascended to heaven, barry Soetoro was created in a eugenics lab as a Reptillian Humanoid. However, it wasn't time to unleash him tot he public yet. Over the next 200 years, the Iluminati carried out plans to poison us with GMOS, Mind control us with flouride, and use chemtrails to hide Woprmwood, a star NASA is callign Planet X, and is expected to crash to the earth any time.

The Cloud Seeding is actually called SEEDING because they're spraying semen on us. Due to the sexual perversion in Hollywood, tgey had a large supply of this. They knew it was a sin to touch semen so they used cloud seeding to spray the semen on us.

The symbols in Hollywood mind control us to obey the New World Order. Those symbols include:

Triangles, Eyes, All-Seeing eye, a snake biting its tail, two pillars of solomon, square and compasses, pentagram, stars, peace sign (cross of nero), butterfly of monarch, hand signs, and many MANY more.

Eventually in 2008 Barry soetory, the reptillian overlord and antichrist became president as Barack Obama. Today the militaries of the world have many similar reptillian, so when you join the military, you are actually joinign a reptillian army.

They will use aliens (fallen angels) and fake fossils and archeological finds to trick us into not believing in God. Evolution is the start of that.

I ask you to repent and wake up. the time is near.