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The way I see it, ASchlafly's essay was actually right on target and true. For example, he asked if we thought it was possible for evolution not to occur. Well, sure its possible. If we were unwilling to consider the possibility it didn't happen, it wouldn't be openmindedness, since you first have to consider to an idea before rejecting it to be openminded. And there's always the incredibly small possibility that it was all faked. Sure, not enough of a chance to be factored into any idea or equation, but its still possible. But the wording makes it sound bad. Still, it could use some improvement, so here's mine.

The test[edit]

Please take a look at each of these options (inclusion on the list does NOT mean I support them!).

  1. Evolution
  2. Gravity
  3. Global flood
  4. Crystal healing
  5. Placebo effect
  6. Legalization of marijuana
  7. Eugenics
  8. Homeopathy

Now select an option:

(a) I considered the evidence, but did not cite my reasoning in an opinion on the idea.
(b) I considered the evidence, and cited my reasoning if I expressed an opinion on it.
(c) I did not consider the evidence, but either didn't express an opinion or didn't have one (in other words, I moved on, ignoring the issue).
(d) I did not consider the evidence, and did express an opinion.

For each (a), you get a point for open mindedness, but you are also a douchbag (if that means something... colorful, I apolagize).
For each (b), you get a point for open mindedness.
For each (c), you get no points.
For each (d), you lose one point, since you are a douchbag.