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This is a short story by yours truly.

The Story[edit]

Part 1:[edit]

On March 2, 1949 was the day that the world would be

changed forever. A plague unintentionally unearthed on that cool

March day deep in the Eastwater Cavern. This plague decimated

Somerset, England and quickly spread worldwide.

People who died from the plague came back from the dead as

flesh eating creatures. The undead were extremely difficult to kill.

Bullets to the head and chest did absolutely nothing. Due to this

the plague had spread across the United Kingdom within days

and the world within weeks.

It was not until June 5 when people discovered that complete

decapitation was the only viable method at destroying the

undead. Global militaries switched from using guns to using

swords. Undead hordes will be quickly slaughtered by organized


Finally on December 19, 1952 multiple countries were deemed

safe to live in. Governments regained control over lost territory.

To prevent the undead from reaching the reclaimed cities, walls

and fences were erected to keep the hoards out. Humanity barely


On the day that the end started, Professor Zeke Braun from

the University of Oxford led a group of undergraduate geology

students to Eastwater Cavern. The group intended to do a study

of the rock formations in the cavern.

In the Boulder Ruckle section of the Eastwater Cavern the

students began their studies. Zeke carefully monitored the

actions of his students. Reckless actions could create major

problems. Either way Zeke had several plans in the event

something went wrong. Always better safe than sorry.

As the students gathered samples for study, one student by

the name of Darren York wondered deeper into Boulder Ruckle.

Something compelled him to do so. Darren had no idea why he

was leaving the group.

Coming closer to a small hole in the ground, Darren looked inside

using a lantern for light. In the hole was a pulsating object. The

object had the appearance of blue colored jello. In the object is

what seemed like pieces of rock.

Upon closer inspection Darren had noticed that the "rocks" in the

object were actually eggs of some sort. That was certain. In his

mind Darren knew he should have gotten away from the

mysterious goop.

Darren's body however was working against him, he wanted to

warn the others. No matter how much his mind protested, Darren

found himself putting his hand into the goop. Suddenly the goop

moved up his arm, then to his throat and finally into his mouth;

eggs included.

The students started making observations about the rock

formations. Zeke was impressed by the work of his students. All

of them were so careful, so observant and they had what it took

to be a scientist. The entire scene reminded Zeke of his days as a


Zeke walked among his students, carefully watching their actions.

Everything was fine until he noticed that Darren was missing.

Cursing under his breath Zeke asked the students, his annoyance

was noticeable,

"Class, have any of you seen Darren anywhere"?

The students looked at each other with confused expressions.

None of them knew where Darren went. One student spoke up

before Zeke became more angry,

"Professor Braun, I think I saw Darren wonder off. I am not sure".

Once Zeke heard that, he was now furious. Darren knew that he

was supposed to stay with the group! Nonetheless Zeke began

walking in the direction he believed that Darren went to. Before

he got too far Darren showed up.

Zeke noted that Darren looked exhausted, dazed and pale.

Right then and there Darren collapsed to the ground. That told

Zeke that they had to leave immediately; he then said to

everyone in a stern tone,

"Okay, we have to leave now. There could be a gas leak. Move


Everyone grabbed their gear while Zeke carried Darren over his

shoulder. The trek through the cavern to the entrance took about

an hour but they got out without any incident. All the students

were tired after wandering through the cave.

Outside the cave, Zeke led his group to the bus with urgency.

They needed to get Darren to a doctor and fast. Zeke set Darren

in one of the empty seats. The students sat down in their seats as

Zeke began driving the bus.

Darren opened his eyes just for the sun to cause intense

burning. He groaned in agonizing pain. The pain in his body was

beyond human comprehension. Nobody could even begin to

understand this pain.

Susanna Barnes looked at Darren, she was deeply concerned.

There was something seriously wrong. None of the symptoms he

had experienced were related to gas.

She knew that as her father was a coal miner and that old man

told everyone about his work. Not one day would go by without

Susanna hearing at least ten things about coal mining. She then

found herself going from the issue at hand to her kook of a father.

Her train of thought derailed as Darren began to severely cough.

Susanna was unable to do anything as were none of the other

students. Nobody on the bus was a medical professional. All they

could do was find a hospital or clinic.

Zeke made the choice of heading to Bridgewater where

the hospital was located. It was Darren's best chance at

treatment. The bus began moving much faster as Zeke pressed

his foot on the gas. Everything else Zeke thought of went out the


The drive felt like it took forever as Darren's condition went down

hill at a geometric rate. Each passing mile felt like twenty miles.

Very loud coughing noises came from Darren whom was much

sicker than earlier.

Part 2:[edit]

Inside of Darren's body, the fluid and eggs were beginning

their work. The fluid was filled with various different proteins,

sugars, carbohydrates and viruses. It was now the perfect

environment for the eggs to hatch. All the eggs hatched at nearly

the same exact time.

Out of the eggs came the newborn parasites. Like all organisms

that are born these parasites needed to eat. The parasites feasted

on the fluid that the now hatched eggs were suspended in. All of

them would mature in five hours.

That was five hours until the apocalypse would begin. Most of the

parasites latched on to the brain stem and nervous system. Some

latched on to the heart while the rest infected the eyes. The

parasites copied Darren's DNA.

Half an hour passed by, the parasites growing in size with each

passing second. Each parasite released a cocktail of molecular

compounds into all cells in Darren's body. The compounds made

their host ready for future parasitic eggs.

Almost three hours in and the parasites grew to the size of a split

pea. The immune system was suppressed initially to allow the

parasites to take hold. Now the immune system had been rewired

to protect the parasites.

The parasites neared full growth four and a half hours in. The

parasites released an acidic chemical into Darren's teeth. Little

holes formed that would allow parasite eggs to enter into his

mouth. All this caused Darren to experience intense agony.

Zeke pulled the bus up to the Bridgewater Hospital, he

parked near the entrance. Not wasting any time Zeke had

grabbed Darren and rushed inside. All attention was focused on

getting some help.

In the hospital one of the nurses saw Zeke carrying the severely

ill Darren. The situation was obviously dire so she shouted to

another nurse for a wheelchair. Without hesitation the other nurse

grabbed a wheelchair and rushed it to Zeke. Relieved, Zeke set

Darren in the wheelchair. The first nurse asked Zeke,

"What is his name"?

Zeke responded,

"Darren York. He is one of my students from the University of

Oxford. We were originally doing a study at the Eastwater Cavern

before he fell ill".

The nurse began writing everything down so the doctor would

have a picture of what was going on. The nurse who brought the

wheelchair then took Darren to an exam room. Zeke was glad

that Darren would be getting medical treatment.

Zeke was forced to wait outside the treatment room while

the medical staff worked. The other students walked into the

hospital as they were all concerned. There was nothing they could

but wait for news on Darren's condition.

In the treatment room Darren was being examined by the nurses.

One nurse took the temperature which was 41 degrees

centigrade. Blood pressure was 200 over 143 and his pulse was

extremely fast. Darren was unresponsive.

The doctor by the name of Harry Sanders was rushed into where

Darren was being treated. One look at the patient made Harry go

pale as if he saw a ghost. Whatever was causing the illness was

extremely aggressive.

Harry examined Darren's neck, there was severe swelling of the

lymph nodes. The eyes indicated that the patient was mostly

blind by now due to the formation of a substance across the

retinas. This was unlike anything Harry had ever seen.

In Darren's mouth all the skin seemed to be burnt away by

corrosive acid. The inner muscles and veins were exposed. This

disease did not match the profile of any known disease. All of this

had Harry very concerned but he did not have any idea of what

the disease was.

Harry chose to start his patient out with some Penicillin to treat

the mysterious infection. Immediately Harry had one of his

nurses begin an IV with high dose Penicillin. The IV bottle was

filled with the antibiotic. Then the nurse put the needle into

Darren's arm, beginning the treatment.

At the brainstem one of the Parasites began absorbing

Darren's brain. The process was quick but painless. Each brain

cell became part of the parasite. Small tentacles spread

downwards, consuming the nervous system.

The fully mature parasite was now in complete control. Small

parasitic eggs were laid in Darren's mouth. Nobody would be able

to see them due to their extremely small size. Right after the

parasite forced Darren awake but this time he was extremely


Darren opened his eyes but he had zero memory of who he was.

All he could think about was eating human flesh. He pulled out his

IV, shambling towards the door so he could consume the nearest


Harry and two of the nurses named Sandra and Brandy

walked to Darren's room. Sounds of footsteps could be heard

inside the room. A nurse opened the door just for Darren to

tackle her to the ground. Harry grabbed Darren to get him away

from the screaming nurse.

Brandy managed to keep Darren from biting her but she failed to

stop him from vomiting blue fluid in her face. In the fluid were

millions of microscopic eggs. The nurse was now infected with the


Growling came from Darren after he vomited on the nurse. Harry

pulled the patient off but only to get bitten in the shoulder; he

screamed in pain as Darren sunk his teeth into the doctor. Then

with a yank of the head, a large piece of flesh and muscle were

torn from Harry.

Instead of staying to watch the doctor get chewed on, Nurse

Sandra ran away. She left Harry and Nurse Brandy to die. The

issue was that she had no choice but to run and get help. Despite

the fact that she could not help the doctor or Brandy, Sandra felt


Zeke heard screams coming from near the area where

Darren was taken. Those screams sent a chill down his spine.

Instead of investigating Zeke ordered the students to return to

the bus. The students froze until Zeke shouted,


The students did as they were told except Susanna, she went

towards the screaming because she was worried about Darren.

That would be the last thing she ever did.

Susanna rushed through the hospital towards the screaming. Her

heart raced like a horse, fear overflowed her mind and panic was

setting in. She ran and ran and ran some more. What Susanna

saw would scar her until the last moments of her life.

Outside the exam room Susanna saw Darren, Harry, Brandy and

a security guard consume the other guards. Susanna went to run

only to be tackled down by Nurse Brandy. She screamed and

screamed as the undead nurse forced her hand into Susanna's

back and ripped out a kidney.

Now infected Susanna felt the parasitic eggs enter her muscles,

veins, arteries and spine. Due to the fact that she had a

previously undiagnosed autoimmune disease, the parasitic eggs

hatched at an accelerated rate. In mere minutes she was now an

undead creature.

The screams Zeke heard turned to growling and moaning. He

rushed the remaining students to the bus. There was no time to

figure out what was happening. Chaos was brewing as staff and

patients were fleeing.

Part 3:

Zeke managed to get the students on the bus but not before

two hospital staff members boarded, thinking they would get to

safety. Unknowingly, a doctor who boarded was infected but

showed no symptoms. Zeke did not know this as he began


The drive back to Oxford University did not seem to take that

long, at least to Zeke. Nobody seem to notice that the infected

doctor was slowly turning into an undead creature. That infected

doctor would help spread the coming pandemic across the


Once Zeke parked the bus, he ordered everyone off the bus. The

students and the one nurse got off the bus. All except the doctor,

he was in a coma. Zeke saw that the doctor showed the same

symptoms as Darren before he became a flesh eating fiend.

Not taking any chances Zeke closed the bus door and

blocked it. Then he ran off so he could warn everyone. He had to

try something! Anything to stop whatever was spreading. Now

who would he tell? That was a huge problem but he still needed

to try.

Taking a chance Zeke choose to go to a friend and respectable

biologist Professor Omar Muhammad. He was an expert when it

came to diseases and biochemistry. Zeke rushed to the Sir

William Dunn School of Pathology where Omar would be located.

The run to the school of pathology took about 12 minutes for

Zeke to trek. In the building he looked for the class his friend

was. That man must have the answer! He looked around for

another 20 minutes before finding Omar.

Professor Omar Muhammad finished teaching an

undergraduate biochemistry class. Teaching was a very fulfilling

job for him. He was building next generation scientists, doctors

and free thinkers. Nothing could be better than that, absolutely


Just before he stepped out of the class Omar saw a distressed

Zeke Braun. He had never once seen his friend like that unless

something really bad was happening. That unnerved him. He

wondered what could have happened for Zeke to be like that?

Omar looked at Zeke, concern outwardly showing. Zeke said just

before Omar could open his mouth,

"Omar, something is going on. I don't know what. Some disease

or something".

Now he was confused. A disease? Omar needed to find out so he

asked calmly,

"Zeke what are you talking about? You normally talk about


Responding to Omar, Zeke shouted,

"People are dead, something is changing them. Darren York is

dead, he was one of my students. Now he killed several other

people after dying".

Zeke had to be yanking his chain now. A disease that kills people

and brings them back? There was no known disease that did

anything remotely like what Zeke stated but then again- if this

were a mere joke, Zeke would not act like this.

After thinking some more Omar's scientific instincts kicked in. He

needed to figure out what Zeke was talking about. Omar

considered Zeke's panic as a variable, there was also the fact that

the geology class went to the Eastwater Cavern and the vague

description given.

Groundskeeper Stewart Germaine was a fairly happy man,

he had a wonderful family and he enjoyed his work. Stewart

always loved working outdoors be it mowing lawns, planting trees

or growing vegetables.

On the day of the apocalypse Stewart was cleaning up a parking

lot near the Sir William Dunn School of Pathology. As he worked

Stewart noticed that one of the university buses entered the

parking lot at high speed. While it was a little strange he did not

think much of it.

The bus door opened and Stewart saw Professor Zeke Braun, his

students and some nurse he never seen before run out of the

vehicle. Professor Braun shut the door then blocked it. Stewart

tried to get the professor's attention but he ran.

Now confused, Stewart walked towards the bus and tried to

look in through the windows. He saw what looked like a man

shambling inside. That confused him even more, why would

someone leave a person inside a bus?

Stewart managed to get a good view from inside the bus. In the

bus he saw the person vomiting unknown fluid and what seemed

to be rocks. That was far from normal. While the right thing to do

would have been letting him out, Stewart chose to leave him


The next thing to enter Stewart's mind was that he had to tell

someone about what he saw but who? That confused him to no

end. He had to inform people. Out of nowhere the man in the bus

punched a hole in one of the windows.

Zeke convinced Omar to follow him to the bus so he could

see that something was wrong. Both men rushed to the bus at

high speed. This situation was so alien to Omar but he trusted

Zeke. Both men wanted to figure out what was happening.

At the bus Omar and Zeke saw Groundskeeper Stewart

investigating the situation. Steward approached the duo,

confused and angry. Zeke asked Stewart,

"What are you doing here"?

Stewart looked at Zeke, anger showed on his face and responded,

"Why in the bloody hell did you lock a sick man on the bus"?

Omar kept his professional cool, he said to Stewart,

"Professor Braun is claiming that some sort of disease is

spreading. I came out here to verify his claim".

His mood unchanged Stewart yelled,

"That man is vomiting and I cannot get the bus open. He needs


Zeke tried to find the right words but he ended up saying,

"That man is infected".

Omar stood between both of them, still keeping his cool then told

both of them,

"Okay, something is going on. If the man on the bus has a

contagious disease then we leave him until we get to the proper

authorities. If that man is fine then we let him go".

Before anyone could say anything the man on the bus broke a

window completely. He then climbed out and landed on the

ground, his spine was now broken. However the man continued

to move though all movements were uncoordinated.

Zeke shouted,

"Get back he is infected"!

Another professor by the name of Howard Barrington ran up to

the group. Zeke continued to shout for everyone to get back from

the undead creature. Professor Barrington grabbed what he

thought was a person, trying to help him only to get a finger

bitten off.

Part 4:[edit]

"This Darryl Hampton of the Somerset News Radio. Right now it is

9 PM British Standard Time. The skies are clear and temperatures

are very nice. I can say that this is the only good news I can

report. Right now an outbreak of mass murder is affecting the

entire county"

Darryl Hampton took a sip of water and continued,

"The epicenter of this madness has been confirmed to be at the

Bridgewater Hospital. Now what I am about to say is disturbing

but here it goes- there have been unconfirmed reports of

cannibalism. I am attempting to wrap my mind around this".

More reports came into the station which made Darryl gag but he

kept going,

"Okay, okay I will continue. Reports from health authorities

indicate that there is some kind of poisonous gas leaking from the

Eastwater Cavern in Priddy. Keep in mind that this is not

confirmed. We will continue to operate and update you on the


Near the Bridgewater Hospital local police attempted to stop

the hoards of what they believed to be rioters. Attempts at

arresting these supposed rioters ended disastrously. Officers were

eaten alive and converted into the growing undead horde.

People across the Somerset County area began reporting acts of

extreme violence and cannibalism. So many fell victim to the

undead as they believed that the creatures were still friends and

family. The more paranoid portion of the population barricaded

their homes.

Around 11 PM reports of cannibalism came in from the counties of

Devon and Bristol. Due to the rapid rise in the number of

infections nobody knew what was happening. Panic and social

unrest set in before any proper response could be enacted.

Five hours earlier Zeke, Omar and Stewart could only watch

as Professor Barrington was eaten alive. The group was broken

out of their silence when the now dead professor got back up.

Both undead creatures slowly moved forward.

Omar was now convinced that this was a disease and if what he

saw escaped the UK, the results would be catastrophic. This made

him think of civilization collapse. Even worse possibilities came to

mind. Omar could not think about it now as he needed to run.

Zeke worried about his sister Monica, she was a missionary to

Brazil. If this plague escaped then humanity might be done for.

Zeke attempted to think of a plan to stop these creatures but he

chose to seek shelter first. He motioned for Omar and Stewart to

follow him.

Stewart made the choice of splitting from the group, he wanted to

fight. Omar and Zeke shouted for him to run but he ignored


Instead Stewart ran to his truck and grabbed a shovel for a

weapon. If these creatures had some sort of plague then he

would stop them.

With the two undead creatures in sight Stewart charged at them,

shovel in hand. The infected doctor was the first to be hit in the

face with the end of the shovel. Stewart crushed the doctor's

head but it kept moving.

Getting back from the first undead Stewart attacked the second

undead beast. During the fight he ended up getting blood and

various other fluids in his mouth and eyes. This caused the

unsuspecting groundskeeper to become infected.

Once the second undead had its head completely decapitated,

Stewart rejoined the group. All three hurried to the nearest

building and went indoors. None of them had any clue as to what

was going on. The two contaminated corpses were left outside for

others to become infected.

About two hours after the confrontation with the undead,

Stewart began to fall ill. Omar took notice, he was now worried.

Zeke wrote down his observations about the living dead. Stewart

slowly was losing his mind.

Zeke made phone calls to police, his colleagues and people he

knew. People had to know what was happening or the world

might collapse. Most of the people Zeke had called ended up

thinking that this was some sort of joke. He could not blame

them though, it did sound outlandish.

Stewart began vomiting profusely, he could no longer think

properly nor could he speak. He wanted to tell Omar and Zeke

but his tongue was swollen. The parasite in him was assuming

control. Stewart tried and tried to get Omar's attention.

Intense pain rippled through Stewart's eyes. Covering his eyes

did nothing to alleviate the horrible pain. The next felling came

massive hunger pains. He wanted food so bad that he could kill.

Looking at both Omar and Zeke, Stewart saw a delicious meal.

Outside the building were several police officers investigating

the situation. Two dead bodies, one not moving but the other

body was moving. All the police officers were confused and


There was no possible way the moving one was alive. The injuries

it had should have killed him. Without warning the moving corpse

stood up, its severed spine was healing. One police officer

nervously said,

"Sir, stay still and we will get help".

Soon after the undead creature lunged, catching the windpipe of

the cop in its mouth. The cop could not scream as his trachea was

crushed by contaminated teeth. Parasitic eggs found their way

into blood vessels and arteries.

The other officers tried to get the undead off of their fellow

officer. This resulted in the injured officer getting his throat ripped

out; blood sprayed everywhere. With no other choice the cops

used their night sticks on the undead. That did not work at all.

Part 5:[edit]

"This Darryl Hampton of the Somerset News Radio. Currently it is

midnight and the chaos is continuing to spread uncontrollably.

Somerset County, Bristol County and Devon County are

completely overrun. Confirmed reports of violence are coming in

from Cornwall County, Dorset County, Hampshire County and

Wiltshire County. Each supposed rioter has been described as

wearing blood soaked clothing, missing limbs, extremely

aggressive and no response to painful stimulus".

After taking a drag of his cigarette Darryl then said reluctantly,

"People are literally being eaten alive. My producer advised me

earlier not to say this part so the population will not panic. That

twat can kiss my arse. I will tell you all the facts. No normal

person can survive the injuries the........"

He trailed off for a moment but Darryl yelled,

"The killers are bloody walking corpses! Yes I said it! Those

wankers are dead and walking! I will not play the game where I

say that these killers are rioters! Each one of them is dead! Dead!

I will say it over and over. They are not friends and family, they

are freaks trying to eat you alive like a Christmas goose! Once

you are bitten you become one of the freaks"!

The undead hordes shambled across the original counties affected

by the plague, then they began to move into other areas and

increasing their numbers. A trail of death and decay was laid by

the undead. They would soon reach the rest of the country.

Zeke saw Stewart acting very strange, it took him a moment

to realize that the groundskeeper was infected. He was not bitten

at all but Zeke and Omar had to know what triggered his

infection. Zeke remembered the blood that sprayed from the

undead. Omar came to the same conclusion.

As if there was an unconscious que between the two professors,

they both bolted for the door. They exited the room and locked

the door. Sadly the door would not hold very long. Now the time

for figuring this out was over, now was the time to run.

In the halls screams could be heard from the staff. Most of the

students had left a while ago. Neither Omar or Zeke realized that

they spent several hours in the office. Hordes of undead entered

the classroom building.

Zeke and Omar found themselves to be trapped in a science

class. They blocked the door with the professor's desk. Omar

looked down from the second floor window where the undead

were gathering. Many more undead waited for them outside the


Out of options Zeke accepted his fate, they were doomed. Omar

accepted his impending demise. There would be nobody to save

them. Omar went to the phone they left on the floor; he wanted

to speak with his wife and daughter one last time. Omar dialed

and got through. His wife Isabella stated with complete terror in

her voice,

"Who is this"?

Though his heart sank Omar responded,

"Your husband Omar Muhammad. I called to tell you that this will

be the last time I talk to you. Right now me and Zeke are about

to die. Those creatures have surrounded us".

Isabella, who was Omar's wife let out a sob on the phone,

"Please tell me what to do. Me and little Terri are safe for now but

the creatures reported on the radio will be here soon".

His voice trembled knowing that he would not see his daughter

grow up. Now Omar if he gave his wife the best plan to survive at

least Isabella and Terri would live. Omar then said,

"Listen carefully my dear wife, do not question what I tell you.

Time is running thin. I need you to get essential supplies, take

Terri and leave the country. Try to reach my cousin in Canada or

my sister in the United States. Please tell Terri that I am sorry

that I did not get to see her grow up. I love you both".

Isabella said, her sobs audible in the phone,

"I love you too. Don't worry about me, rest in peace"

The phone called ended. Zeke turned to Omar, giving a disturbing

smile. Oddly this made Omar laugh hysterically despite just

having one last talk with his wife. Zeke shouted with courage in

his voice,

"Let's turn this place into ashes. I can make a hole in the gas line

and light a match. If we are going to die anyway, why not go out

with a bang"?

The two men laughed as they broke open a gas line in the science

class. Omar grabbed a lighter from his pocket and exclaimed,

"Zeke my friend! To England"!

Responding happily Zeke shouted,

"To England"!

Omar lit his lighter and the entire building exploded. A fireball

engulfed a large portion of the university. Zeke and Omar

died in the explosion mere nanoseconds after the flame was lit.

Students living in the Oxford area were attacked by the

undead. They crashed through windows, forced locked doors open

and trapped people in shops. People died by the thousands which

only increased the numbers of the undead.

Undead hordes multiplied exponentially as people were killed.

Reports of the undead had come in from London and as far south

as the Cliffs of Dover. Many of the undead fell into the English

channel, they would end up in France.

The next day the undead swarmed across all of England,

much of Wales and parts of Scotland. Over two million people

died on the first day. Many more would die not long after. The

Queen of England was evacuated to the Isle of Man while the

Prime Minister ended up in Northern Ireland.

When the third day rolled around the British Army concluded that

complete decapitation was the only way to completely kill an

undead. Because of the chaos many people did not find out how

to stop an undead.

The British Army was forced to abandon multiple major cities and

let the undead have them. To save the remaining population of

the kingdom, the army began evacuating civilians from small

villages to British territories such as Gold Coast in Africa and

Hong Kong.

Over the next several weeks the undead managed to reach North

America, South America, Africa, Asia and Mainland Europe. The

critical piece of information about decapitating the undead

managed to save the human race.

By 1957 the United States was split into two different countries. A

civil war that started in 1952 led to the split. The western portion

of the US and up to Texas became a theocracy while the eastern

portion was the original US government.

The only territory the United Kingdom had by the end of 1949

was the Isle of Man. Every other territory either was decimated or

declared independence. For all intents and purposes the UK no

longer existed.

With changes in countries and territories along with the undead

roaming, the world was no longer the same. It only took a few

weeks for society to be flipped upside down. People built walls

around cities to protect the population. The darkness of an

uncertain future gripped the hearts of man.

The Eastwater Plague had established itself as the dominant

species on Earth.

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