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The Sequeira War Alternative is a sensible, easy alternative to modern warfare. It involves zero fatalities and zero propaganda. It relies on Humanity's ability to make smart decisions and decide not to behave like savage barbarians. For that reason, it will probably never be adapted by any nation, much less the entire world.

How It Works[edit]

The Sequeira War Alternative is only applicable in a war-free, 100% sane utopia where there are no weapons and no violence, and Man has set aside his savage ways. For that reason, it will never be used in the present, or on Earth. The most striking thing about this strategy is how, if the entirety of humanity agreed to accept this plan on the same day, it could be put into effect immediately. How depressing.

This is how it works: if two nations choose to engage in a squabble because their Political Ideologies are too different, and compromise or peace is unattainable, then the two nations are given a fair and just trial, much like a Public trial. a Committee of 25 delegates from 25 randomly selected countries are invited to attend, and decide who wins. The Countries are given a simple set of questions, mainly questions dealing with poverty levels, gun laws, rate of human suffering, prison population, environmental status, yearly death rate, Leadership system, etc. The 25 countries then vote on which country is superior to the other based on the simple criteria above. The nicer country gets to replace the Government of the worse country with a new, better Government. If, within 5 years, the Citizens of the old country are disappointed, then they can submit a petition to the United Nations, detailing the reasons why the nicer country is worse. If the reasons are irrational, then the new Government goes on as always. If the reasons are legitimate, then the Old Government will be replaced immediately.

The Alternative In Action[edit]

Let's take a contemporary conflict and see how it would be handled using the Sequeira War Alternative. If The United States and North Korea were angry at each other, for instance, and wished to go to War, they could instead use the Sequeira War Alternative- and save millions of lives and trillions of dollars. Both countries would line up, and be judged by 25 other Countries from around the globe- China, Mozambique, and so on. Note that the countries can not vote based on personal preference, human life is the primary concern, as well as human living status, happiness, liberty, and so on. Thus, even Iraq cannot vote for the more unpleasant country if it wishes to. Kim Jong Un and the president (who, in this scenario, let's say isn't Donald Trump) will go over their country's status. The 25 Countries will notice that Kim Jong Un is a lunatic, who believes himself to be a God, and he cannot really lie about how much pain and suffering he causes his Citizens- since his being evil is a known fact. The 25 Countries all vote- and the majority wins. Kim Jong Un is forced to leave his office and North Korea gets a Democratic Government instead of a tyranny. Nobody is killed. This is a War with 0 deaths. And, since the Countries are judged on sane standards, the correct Country will always win out- and, if it doesn't, then the citizens of the losing country can always try to get the old government back. Of course, they won't do this, since they'll naturally prefer Liberty to oppression.

Why Does the Sequeira War Alternative Work?[edit]

Chiefly, because it takes power away from those who would seek to destroy the world, and gives it to those who wish to preserve it. If Hitler and FDR had used this method, there would have been 0 casualties, and we still would have won. The chief idea of the Alternative is simple: killing is wrong, and the country who kills more people or deprives them of their basic rights loses. Chances are that the wrong country could refuse to engage in the Alternative, since they know they would lose. In this case, they are in effect cowards, and they are kept from expanding their territory. Of course, the Alternative is just that- an ALTERNATIVE to War- and should not be used unless absolutely necessary, when two countries have such a great strain and are so different that they are unable to coexist. Other than that, the world can go on as normal. A simple solution to one of the world's oldest dilemmas. brains instead of brawn. Killing is a choice. the Alternative recognizes this, and turns War into a civil, painless procedure.