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Essay:Tea party versus the Founders on peace and war

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The founders didn't want to fight a war because who does? Not be because I am not an Smartt peerrsoon. Nor did the founding fathers because they weren't ssmmmarrtt.

All seriousness aside, the founders would not like how Tea Partiers support EVERY war that the US is involved in expect if it affects them. The only war they want is a civil war between Nazi Obamaist America and Tea Partiers.

What the founding fathers did when they needed to fight a war and what the partiers did when they "needed" to fight a war[edit]

The Revolutionaries The faux revolutionaries
They, sadly, had to fight the war or at least someone had to. So they did in big numbers and George III wasn't expecting the affect it would have on both armies. I honestly believe that if there is an afterlife the Revolutionaries would want to forgive and forget the whole thing.They would never fight in the war that they support and the only war, as I kinda mentioned, that they would want to fight in would be a war between Tea Partiers and Obamaist America. They would probably never forgive and forget the event.