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Essay:The MarcusCicero Essays; Essay One

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This is a follow up to my previous essay. It is a critique of the Loya Jirga.

The emergency legislation passed recently by the Rationalwiki mobocracy has startled many but surprised few. Their contemptuous hypocrisy and blatant disregard for freedom of speech is as humorous as it is mind-numbingly regressive. Refutations of the ominously titled ‘Loya Jirga’ are too easily constructed, but due to the lack of apparent dissent on that website it is nonetheless important to mercilessly deconstruct the shaky foundations on which this peculiar institution is based. This blog will from this moment on document the insanity of Rationalwiki, since its supposed counterweight (RWW) is run by RW hacks and administrators. It will catalogue the ongoing evolution of authoritarianism on Rationalwiki. I don’t give a shit if none of you post on this, but I do know that you will read it. Especially the likes of Nx. What the fuck else is he going to do with his time?

It is because of me

No-one can seriously claim that rationalwiki’s steady regression is not entirely down to me. Through a combination of wit, determination, and psychological torture, I have endeavoured to reveal Rationalwiki for what it is – a ragtag collection of juveniles, geeks, idiots, and hypocrites. My motives have always remained the same – stubborn intellectual pride. Whereas many of you troll conservapedia incessantly with inane and childish retorts (Usually amounting to petty sophistries) I have managed to insert myself into the daily running of Rationalwiki. This refers not only to my ‘open’ sock, but to my other socks in sysop positions.
My campaign has involved a gradual process aimed at bringing to the fore the disgusting authoritarianism prevalent on the site. By provoking authoritarian reactions with MarcusCicero, my invented socks (Who are grotesque caricatures of your true nature) drag the website into childish bitch spree’s, usually culminating in Gooniepunkesque cries of desperation – such as ‘what has happened our beloved site????’ These responses keep me fed for weeks on end. These idiotic diatribes are not deserving of a website devoted to reason.
What tends to follow is a high profile lynching, one which consumes several hundred edits on the recent changes. People like Jeeves tried and failed to get me done in. The only reason they failed is because they didn’t appeal to the rational impulses of mankind, instead opting for an altogether authoritarian path which alienates many and only serves to amuse me. The attempts to ban me, or bin me, are by definition a failure of your abilities to reason with ability. Every piece of shit I raise is entirely a reflection of your own problems. I never invented anything. I merely brought to the fore the kinds of crap you lot were willing to overlook for an easier life. And I did it with skill. I could be brash, I could be indignant or I could be just plain wankerish. But I always did it with a preconceived idea of how events would turn out.
This Loya Jirga, as now established, is the most amusing development in the history of the website. It documents the very moment when RW made a conscientious decision to opt out of any pretense of liberality and instead embrace with open arms the concept of authoritarianism. In many ways, I achieved what I set out to do.

But I can’t stop here

The only reason why I can’t stop now is because too many of you fucking imbeciles still proclaim your website’s rational values. Hypocrisy on the internet will be a historical constant – it will never disappear. Self importance on the internet is identical. So long as Rationalwiki maintains that they can burn posts, ban members who reveal your hypocrisy to you, and generally ignore the reasoned debate of civilised individuals, I will be there to point out, poke, and generally bring intellectual ruin on your daunted project.

The Loya Jirga and why it is so geeky

A couple of explanations for you to enjoy:
1) Internet friends vote for their other internet friends. Lol!
2) The people who want on the committee generally get on it, because they are losers with no life and hence require the false authority such a post would bring them.
3) The people who consider RW a noble cause will get caught up in the ‘revolutionary potential’ of such a body. Expect memorandums and circulars soon.
4) The exact same people will fail to see the passive authoritarianism emanating from their vacuous bodies – hence they will pull a RA and consider it a ‘vital position’ and ‘fundamental’ to the ‘project’.
5) Robespierre was a geek. He had no friends and could only function on a committee. All tyrants start off as social losers. Watch out for them. The Committee of public safety and the Loya Jirga are one and the same. MarcusCicero (talk) 10:27, 31 July 2010 (UTC)