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At 15:53 EST on 18 March 2009 I took two pens and placed them on the side of my desk. They are both balanced perfectly, and any force, however small, would likely be able to cause them to fall off. My challenge, should you accept it, is for you to pray to any God at all, and have him/her/it knock either of the pens off my desk.

Here is some information you might need... not that an omniscient deity would need it...

  • Pen colours

One is a clear Bic round stick pen, on my right, and the other is a black and blue pen with no brand name on it. They are both situated above my printer, right in front of my lamp. Any additional details that might be needed for a successful prayer can be requested to a reasonable extent.

If your God does not do so, it is clear that entity either does not exist, and therefore is not worth worshipping, or that your God is not involved in this world, and again, is not worshipping.

The pens are: Still there at 00:33, 27 Feb 2024 EST