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Despite the fact that most of Conservapedia is complete rubbish, there are several uses for it:

  1. Conservapedia is useful for determining what an "(ultra)conservative" viewpoint is, and the behavior associated with such. For example, Andrew Schlafly's insistence that the story of the adulteress, found in the Bible, despite his belief that Genesis is literal, is invalid, shows how ultraconservatives will twist circumstances to their own liking.
  2. Conservapedia is useful for attracting vandals and ultraconservative maniacs away from Wikipedia, so that real information is not superseded by falsehoods.
  3. Conservapedia is useful for observing the pathetic efforts of persons who know nothing about technology to boost search engine rankings, although their content is useless in most respects, even on the technical level.[1]
  4. Conservapedia is useful for watching how unbalanced persons go on rampages simply to release their anger, and change the subject when backed into a proverbial corner.
  5. Conservapedia is useful for watching ultraconservatives deny that such a thing as "conservative bias" or "conservative falsehoods" exist.
  6. Conservapedia is useful for observing the behavior of Young Earth Creationists and ultraconservatives, and reading empty YEC rhetoric.
  7. Conservapedia is useful for observing that strange phenomenon of willful ignorance, and that of denial.
  8. Conservapedia is hilarious. Period.
  9. Conservapedia is useful in observing the efforts of individuals to introduce accuracy, truthfulness, equality, justice, and open-mindedness into a system which does not desire it.
  10. Conservapedia is useful for observing the quality in people known as "rabidness".


  1. They fail to use linking between articles.