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I had to make this list, as I was doing research for the article I'm reading. So many names left me stunned. I wanted to make a place to put real names onto numbers. Faces and stories where possible. I may or may not delete it, once I'm a bit less shocked, angry, sickened, and heart broken.

The following names are in no particular order.

  • Sarah and Amina Said, 16 and 17 years old. Killed by their father in Texas for going to school and taking off their veils.
  • Aqsa Parvez, 16 years old, Ontario. Strangled by her father for dressing "western".
  • Samia Imran, 28 year old, Pakistan. Shot in her lawyer's office by an accomplice of her mother's.
  • In Pakistan, roughly 2 unknown women per day are killed for "honor".

Chahrazad Belayni, Paris. a 21-year-old Moroccan-born woman, suffered third-degree burns to 60% of her body, she survived.

  • Morsal O, 16 years old. Germany. Stabbed 23 times for being "attracted" to pop-culture like her friends.
  • Fauzia A. Mohammad, 19. New York City. Stabbed multiple times for preparing to go to college.
  • Sandeela Kanwal. 25. Not being "true to her religion", wanting to work against her husband's wishes.
  • 7 anonymous women, shot to death, bringing Kadyrov's famous "They were loose women, and the family had to regain honor".
  • Zahra Ezzo, 16. Syria. Killed by her underage brother who was released in 3 months.
  • Shahid Mustafa and Imam Khatoon (both under 21). Couple who eloped without family permission. Both were killed.
  • Banaz Mahmod, 16
  • Mahmod, 20, - Killed by gang hired by father, while town watched and cheered.
  • Du’a Khalil Aswad, Kurdish (non muslim) killed for wanting to marry a muslim. video shows 10, even 20 men cheering.
  • Ahmet Yildiz - killed for being gay, and dishonoring his family.
  • Rand (daughter), killed for falling for a British soldier. Mother Lila, gunned down after attempting to divorce the murderer.