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Hello there,

You may all know me as that user who pops up in weird places around the wiki, the guy with the weird username. I am a regular(?) editor(??) here at RationalWiki since the end of August, and I tend to be flamboyant as all hell, and get annoyingly random (seriously) at times in the Saloon Bar and Talk pages.

I was born in Los Angeles to my parents (gasp!), who had only recently arrived in the United States from Mexico, living in a small apartment. Now, as background information, I was born with a condition known as microphthalmia/anophthalmia, which is nigh incurable minus covering it up with a new prosthetic eye every once-in-awhile. Anyways, I was born the oldest son in the family, and currently live with 3 other siblings. We live in a different part of the city now; in January, my family and I are permanently moving to my parents' native village in southern Mexico.

Well, for what it's worth, I enrolled at the local school district after my family moved near the airport. There, my parents and I had to deal with the constant lying coming from the district (corruption is more rampant in LA than you think. You thought I'd make this shit up?), to the point where my parents were threatened with deportation if they so much as filed a complaint (this was 2003), from an injury that I had received from a wooden chair. It got so bad to the point where I was diagnosed with mild autism and mental retardation. My parents and I were told that I'd never get out from Sp. Ed., and there was a chance that my physical condition would make it impossible to ever succeed in anything in life.

So, from one side of my life was the district running my education into the curricular ground, and verily unto the other, the bullies who'd ram my face into the asphalt ground. See, at the same time that I was in the process of being thrown into the cellar, I was also being bullied heavily for what my abnormality.

So, long story short, this lasted some 14 years of my life before the parents even thought about teaching their kids about tolerance (but who needs to if that kid is retarded?). It wasn't until the end of middle school that I was able to free myself from the district and go independent.

High School[edit]

When I said I freed myself from the district, I meant to say that the choice of schools were:

  • the nearby school district (which was so shitty that students from our rival school were stabbed about 2 weeks ago)
  • My current school (a charter)
  • Our rivals (a charter)
  • Another offshoot school of our rivals (another charter)
  • Fucking Morningside (had its own police/sheriff outpost, so that's a plus)
  • Some other schools that were a half-hour drive away (and, supposedly, there was a lot of marijuana passing around and the students there never sleep; eek!)
  • CAMS. And you could only apply to that one if you had high grades.

Yeah, not many options. So I chose My Current School, because I am that paranoid about naming where I study and want to keep my privacy.