Essay:We are all theists

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In my humble opinion, we all believe in god. The one thing all religions seem to have in common is the motivation to create answers for the unknown. In fact most of them deal with the same topic: creation. The need to know where, when, why and how of existence itself has always been ingrained in us. I actually view science in close regard to how I view religion, and I say this as an Atheist. Science and religion attempt to answer the same exact question of existence. Replace god with nature in the bible and it becomes a little more easy to read. Go a bit further and delete any references that can be skewed to being incorrect scientifically or just plain retarded, and the bible becomes something that can (I think) be universally accepted. Universe got created, shit happened, a guy came down with some stones and said don't be an asshole to others, another dude came and said hey man chill out god is in you and love your brotherman. I have no beef with that. I choose to (attempt) to learn science because physics is so fascinating and, as far as we can tell, is the actual truth to how shit happens. You can't make that shit up (well you can try but you come up with dumbass flood stories). And while I do not understand why the fuck people believe things that I would consider to be bat shit crazy, I take comfort in the assumption that people most likely just want scratch the itch of curiosity as much as I do. Or they are just ignorant jerks.