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WWJD: What would Jesus do? This is a notorious question asked by Christians when faced with a dificult choice. The question pertains to the ideals of a Christian character. What are the qualities that a Christian must have?

The answer to this question can be found in a myriad of passages in the Bible. For example, the Adam and Eve Debacle in the Book of Genesis offers a formidable analyss of what the "heavenly father" looks for in human beings. In the Garden of Eden, there was one tree Adam and Eve could not eat from. This tree was known as the Tree of Knowledge. THe first couple were forbidden to eat a fruit from the Tree of Knowledge. When Satan, in the form of a talking snake, persuaded Eve to consume a fruit from that tree, God become so angry that he banished Adam and Eve from the garden for this act. Why would God become angry at Eve for wanting knowledge? God, the celestial dictator, is the personalification of Church leader and what the church leaders desire is to maintain ignorance and stupidity among the masses so they have total control. One would have to read between the lines of the books of the Bible so realize that the ultimate Christian value is not the love of thy neighbor. The ultimate Christian values which the religion subliminally advocates is the limitations of knowledge and intelligence among the masses. In other words, stupidity is a virtue in Christianity.

Another Christian value that compliments stupidity is conformity. In the Gospels, Jesus, the most overrated moral teacher, compares his disaples and followers to be sheeps. The very nature of a sheep is conformity. THe sheep always relies on its leader for guidence rather than coming to a decision on its own. Similarly, the Christian religion desires its followers to be totally dependent on the church for guidence rather than resorting to freethought. In the gospels, Jesus had also advised his followers to be like children. Both people assume Jesus wanted his followers to be innocent when he made this statement. However, anyone who has been in a elementary school playground knows that is not the case. Children may seem "innocent" in front of their parents and other adult however, they act vicious, cruel and rude when interacting with other children. I had my share of bullying when I was in elementary school so I laugh whenever someone says "children are innocent". They're not. Jesus wants his followers to uphold the virtue of stupidity. This is what he means when he advises his followers to be like children. It is blatant that compared to adults, children are unintelligent and irrational.

Rationality and Freethought are vices to the Christian religion. If the followers of Christ were freethinking rationalist, who would the church leaders control. Christianity is a religion for the weak-minded and desparate. No rational person should even exalt the virtues of this religion. The Christian virtue are vices for rationalists