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Essay:Why "Free Energy Suppression" is theoretically impossible

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In this essay I will try to prove that Free Energy Suppression (FES), a popular conspiracy theory, is logically impossible. FES is the idea that certain groups, usually large energy corporations and/or the government, are actively preventing the revelation of Free Energy. Basically Free Energy refers to any method aimed at the production of essentially limitless energy for low or no cost, which is according to established physics in violation of the first law of thermodynamics. However, since the First Law has been established by deduction from empirical and experimental data, it might be, at least in theory, false. This provides a loophole for those who still believe in FES.

Since the First Law of Thermodynamics might be (partially) false, this Law cannot be used to prove FES to be logically impossible. We can imagine that this Law is only true under certain (special) conditions, or that it is just an approximation of a general law like Newtonian mechanics is an approximation of relativistic physics at low velocity. At least this point can be made by Free Energy promoters. Fortunately we can use another approach to disprove FES.

First we have to realize that Free Energy (FE) is either possible or not. If FE is impossible, then FES will not make any sense. Why should one suppress something which is already impossible? Secondly, if FE is possible then FE is either difficult or easy to achieve. I realise that difficult/easy is not a clear dichotomy, it is a scale. So let me define what I mean with "easy" and "difficult". With easy I mean that FE can be achieve at low cost, with small efforts, in reasonable short time, in your garage, by one or just a few people etcetera. With difficult on the contrast I mean that FE can only be achieved at high cost, with much efforts, it might take a lot of time, special prepared locations are required, at least multiple dozens of high qualified personal are needed etcetera.

If FE is easy, then almost everyone would be able to do FE on his or her own. Once someone manages to accomplish FE, he or she would be able to teach others to do FE and these newly trained people will be able to teach FE to others and so on. The number of people capable of practicing FE will grow exponentially, therefore it would be almost impossible for those who are interested to suppress knowledge of FE to do so. For every FE person eliminated, there would be a dozen others who will continue to do FE.

However if FE is difficult, then only Energy Corporations and governments are possibly the only organization able to practice FE. Since energy corporations are primarily interested in making profits, no matter how, they would switch to FE as soon as possible. The only reason not to do so is if FE is less efficient or much more expensive than traditional energy production. Although in this particular case, there would be also no point of pursuing FE in the first place. If energy corporations should know that FE is difficult, they should also know that there will be also no competition from ordinary people, because they would be unable to do FE on their own. Pursuing FES would be in this case nothing but a waste of money, time and effort.

Conclusion: FES is either unnecessary (in case FE is either impossible or difficult) or futile (in case it is easy) to pursue for anyone, regardless whether FE exists at all. Of course almost none of the cranks who believe in FES will be convinced by my arguments, mostly because they are already beyond reason.