Essay:Why I am an Agnostic Satanist

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This is your super cool, super good looking zombie here and I am going to talk about why I became and Agnostic Satanist. The basic summery of this is essay is about my adventure through various religious.

As a child I was forced into Christianity specifically creationism. I did not question Christianity nor creationism until 1st grade when I learned about evolution and the dinosaurs in school. That cracked away at my adamant faith as I was taught two conflicting schools of thought. I brought this up to my dad and he asked the rhetorical question, "Do you want to be related to a monkey"? or it was "Is your uncle a monkey" (I cannot remember how that part went though). During my early childhood I tried to mix Christianity with evolution which was not very successful.

Near the end of my childhood I converted to Paganism which lasted through early adulthood. By time I was like 23 years old I went back to Christianity only to be unhappy so I choose to blend Christianity into Paganism. That lasted until November of 2019 when I started to read about Satanism.

Before I officially choose the Satanic route I reflected on my past, realizing that I felt like I was in chains and I was losing faith. I see Satan as mostly a symbol of freedom and free thought. Not going to completely give up on the possibility of there being a divine being but I see it as unlikely. I choose freedom instead of living in bondage. I choose free will. Hail Satan!