Essay:You asked for it

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The faithful in this world have had their "faith" sheltered from criticism due mostly to the fact that it was simply "faith". "Faith" then, as now, had little to do with logic or reason, so it seemed silly and unfair to tear down with logic or reason things which had nothing to do with logic or reason.

But some of the faithful (Christians, Muslims, deists, etc.) have crossed a line. By attempting historical proof of mythological events, philosophical proof of moral superiority and logical proof of the existence of their gods, I say that entire belief structures have firmly entered the realm of reason and should be subject to the rules of rigorous debate.

The protection is lifted from you. The respect your beliefs had as "faith" is over. You will now be judged and respected only by the merits of your (faulty) reasoning. And finally, let me say YOU ASKED FOR IT.