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Essay talk:Smoking violates human rights

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It seems what you're actually saying is that air pollution is, besides an environmental issue, also a potential violation of human rights. I don't think you're wrong in this aspect, though I dunno if your sole focus being on smoking is completely justified. Smog and atmospheric particulates can have equally bad (and worse) health effects and they are a lot harder to avoid in the areas where they occur. Somewhat similarly, if releasing greenhouse gases into the air causes the climate to go out of whack, that would also cause a whole host of problems for people (as well as for many other biological entities).

But with smoking, I'd say the biggest problem is the presence of a bunch of carcinogenic substances in the smoke. I find it a bit remarkable that many people seem far more dedicated to outright banning smoking than they are to advocating for less carcinogens in cigarettes. Now, some of these carcinogens are pretty much inescapably produced by combustion processes and getting rid of them would entail quite fundamentally changing the process of smoking. But plenty carcinogens in cigarette smoke seem to be in there for no reason at all. Is it that commercially unviable to remove these from cigarettes or do manufacturers just not bother because there's no public demand for it? (talk) 14:45, 4 April 2015 (UTC)