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In other words, this: (Which as the topic title hints at, is the third iteration of said forum) Yeah, I know I've probably mentioned these guys before, but I feel they might still be of some interest here. If anything of having a similar shtick to KiwiFarms, like dumping on "Internet Nobodies" for starters. That includes hating on 'Farms as well, without noticing the irony inherent within, apparently.

But there's something I wanted to get off my chest as well. I was once a member of the DHI forum, albeit briefly during it's previous incarnations. Originally I lurking there, interest piqued by their put-downs of "angry reviewers" especially from the TGWTG crowd, then joined up as a larf, with the intent of being the resident fun member, or "TokenGoodTeammate", adding less acidic commentary in threads or starting my own, in order to add some of my brand of levity to the place, if not to attempt to turn some attention to other topics. Not to much real avail. Though I never had any real problems with that lot, as the years passed, something happened; as my interest in the internet reviewing fad waned, so did it, too, in the haters. But not only did the negativity become ponderous, but so did their slide into "red pill" mannerisms. With this in mind, I started posting less, let alone simply lurking. It's doubtful I'll sign up for a third go-round on the "Dead Horse" either.

This seems like a ramble, true, but if there's any interest, well, thanks for paying attention. Chair tater (talk) 01:52, 20 February 2017 (UTC)