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In 2012, a small video emerged of an alleged NASA scientist, known as Dr. Salvatore Conti (or Conte), claiming that on 14th of June, 2016, there's going to be geomagnetic reversal lasting until 19th of August, 2016. He stated that because the geomagnetic reversal is going to be so short, the van Allen belt will fall on earth killing 80% of life on Earth. He stated that he knew of the apocalyptic event because his team used HAARP to communicate with aliens whom knew of this event because... Reasons... Towards the end of the video he stared talking about religion and how if we unite as a whole we might do something to stop this disaster. People were split, some people believed him and some claimed it was a hoax. Some people even stared spotting that he looks like an actor known as Frank Vidal (on the channel which the video was uploaded, in the likes/favourite playlist there are some video starring said actor). People started drawing parallels because both of them were bold, Dr. Sal claimed to be Italian but his accent sounded more Cuban, apparently the walls in the videos were similar and such. People found Frank's social media accounts and even his dentist clinic and started threatening or asking him questions, To stop the harassment, Frank made a video saying that it was a hoax video with some truth spiced up (the video is now deleted for unknown reasons). It seemed like it was near enough certain that the video was a hoax, however, the believers weren't having that. They pointed out that the moles of Dr. Sal (one on his head and one on his cheek) were never present in any videos or photos of Frank Vidal, some claimed that they sounded different, some claimed that they looked different, some claimed that the ears seem completely different (and according to a post I found on, ears are like finger prints and cannot be altered). This entire disaster of an event stared dying out towards the end of the 2012, however a ufologist who's opsesed with Area 51: Alien Interview started theorising that the 'Victor' from the "documentary", who prophesied an end of the world via aliens sometimes between 2016 and 2017, (I'm planning to go into more detail about that "documentary" sometime in the future) was connected to Dr. Sal because 1. It involves the end of the world and 2. Involves aliens. His argument is very flawed because the "interactions" with the aliens are very different with Dr. Sal (who claims that he doesn't know who the aliens are, where do they come from, what do they look like; he just knows of the via HAARP) and 'Victor' (who claims to have met the alien). Nevertheless, a post on AboveTopSecret claimed that the stories are different because Dr. Sal maybe wanted to protect 'Victor' or something (making the theory possibly unfalsifiable). Moreover, someone in the comment section of the video said that someone on godlike productions interpreted the Mayan calendar to say June-August 2016 and that somehow links with Dr. Sal. It's also important to note that the original description of the Dr. Sal video was talking about how he received the video from a friend and he needed to share this with the world to save earth. The current description says something along the lines of "wether the end of the world message is real or not, this video should be seen by everyone..." On Frank Vidal's IMDb page it talks about how Frank created Dr. Sal's video and so it does on this resume website.

Now people think that Dr. Sal is:

  1. Legitiame NASA scientist warning people
  2. Frank Vidal doing a hoax for publicity
  3. Frank Vidal doing a hoax for the government as a disinfo agent/shill
  4. Frank Vidal's friend/family
  5. Dead
  6. Brainwashed/threatened by the CIA/Government/FBI to claim that it was only a hoax.

I knew of this video for about 6 months now and o only decided to let RW know about it now because in the begening I were totally afraid of this revelation and I needed to do research (both about a geomagnetic reversal and Frank Vidal) and I feel like this defiantly fits somewhere on RW (wether as a separate article or an addition to an existing one). Do you think there's anything we can do with this? [here is a comparison of Frank Vidal and Dr Sal]--WMS (talk) 03:06, 4 June 2016 (UTC)

On magnetic reversal apocalypse[edit]

It's such bullshit. See Geomagnetism. The magnetic field has reversed thousands of times in Earth's history -- and about 170 times in the last 76 million years. If reversals caused omnicide, there would be no life -- and there would be a *HELL* of a lot more craters from those impacts.

The magnetic field is so damn weak that your refrigerator magnets vastly overpower it (locally). The field isn't even strong enough to stop all cosmic radiation, much less space entities. So how the hell would asteroids be impacted?

As for the idea that a reversal can be too "quick", even a hugely atypically "quick" reversal might take on the order of hundreds or thousands of years -- so if it's going to cause omnicide, it's gonna take its damn time about it. Fuzzy. Cat. Potato! (talk/stalk) 15:10, 4 June 2016 (UTC)

Ahhh, I see. Thank you again for clarifying, I think I'm gonna put this guy in the 'End of the world list'--WMS (talk) 00:11, 6 June 2016 (UTC)