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Hellow RW,

I would like to submit an idea for an article but I am not sure how to use your “to do list page”.

It's in regard to pseudoscience and quackery related to a specific Christian based Chiropractic organization. They are offenders of science, logic and reason in every conceivable way across the whole spectrum from religion to quackery and alternative medicine (and I would add to that list lack of business morals).

They are called "Maximized Living".

They are a heavily Christian influenced organization at the management level, and all though their individual subordinates of Chiropractors and employees may not be as individuals by necessity, if you ever witnessed one of their seminars (I have I’ll explain) you would think it was led by a Tony Robins Chiropractor Hybrid Televangelist Joel Osteen (Scary I know).

They are 100% straight by the book Subluxation based Boppers that preach the miracles of D.D Palmer like he was Christ (whom also comes up in their rhetoric). One of their earlier books "Body by God: The Owners Manual for Maximized Living" by one of their head gurus Dr.Ben Lerner (who is very creepy). >>

Some dirty details:

Their offices are LOADED with scare tactics throwing "risks of cancer from poor lifestyle" all over the place. Anti-vaccination posters against flu shots saying "don't poison your body" line their walls. They promote the anti “Big Pharma conspiracy” in full swing and don’t pull punches claiming that pills and medicine will kill you, it’s all toxins and doctors only want to make money and prescribe you medicine, the whole "Keep you medicated for life" conspiracy. They actually play animations in the waiting room explaining "how the corrupt medical system works". Thy display pictures of celebrities who died of cancer with their before and after chemotherapy pictures. Even posters about Angelina Jolie how she was lied to by the medical system. They seem really focused on Cancer Woo and have a whole seperate initiative called “Cancer Killers” and even have a documentry film of the same/similar title coming soon (I’m sure it will be an amazing peice of cinema). They even criticize the “The pink ribbon of breast cancer awareness” (in their waiting room videos) They run organiztion like a fast food franchise, if a chiropractor wants to brand his practice as maximized living he has to follow their model to the letter and all dr./patient interactions are scripted. Scripts are written in a way to of course use scare tactics and push the notion of lifetime adjustments is needed to ensure lasting health (never get cancer disease) They pretty much only diagnose subluxation, it’s included in the scripts to demonstrate the “best way to break the news to the patient” that they have a subluxation and how serious it is. Even office assistants and front desk elp are scripted when attempting to recruit would be patients and maintain retention and get them to bring in family (you know if you don't get your family in here, its as much as a death sentence for cancer. They are very costly and always prescribe life time programs and run a human assembly line of patients with a meticulous system to be able to crack as many backs in a day with very little time with each patient. They constantly train the staff on ways to process the patients faster to get them virtually through a revolving door. They actually speak at their seminars of “great examples of ML Chiropractors who can “see the most patients in a day” and encourage the other doctors in attendance to look them as an example.

I could go on but you get the picture…

The reason I know all this is my girlfriend worked at one of their offices and got all wrapped up in it telling me all the crazy health revelations she was learning at this office and was attending their seminars. Then she took me to one… and tadda heres where I am.

I have scoured the internet looking for them and they are virtually non existent except their own websites, no blogs about them. No wikipedia articles or wiki website articles anywhere.

None of their most prominent leaders or doctors have any wikipedia articles its weird because most prominent names of significant scientists, doctors, heads of major companies or corporations have some trace on wikipedia, but nothing.

I think this organisation should be a major concern that requires “outing” and attention drawn to it not unlike the Discovery Institute and their deceptive ways.

I would love to see vloggers like thundefoot and concordance and other skeptic websites like skeptoid or skeptic society exposing them as the frauds they are. It almost seems they have flown under the skeptic movement radar.

Ok…. I am ranting now… perhaps this is more than a request how to suggest an article and more of looking for advice to see if this a cause worth drawing attention to and a subject worth pursuing.

Here is their founders.


you can just write the article yourself, or start a stub and see if others will expand on it. Hamster (talk) 00:27, 5 October 2013 (UTC)
I have created a stub. remember to support allegations with references Hamster (talk) 01:54, 5 October 2013 (UTC)