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Forum:Some guy has an opinion about us

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The following was posted by User:Pcste as an article, and moved here.


Main article[edit]

Please do not believe everything you read at rational wiki, infact because it is proven that some articles are fake or false in truth, then you have to consider that they all may be corrupt in some way. RationalWiki has shown beyond any reasonable doubt that it is virulently ideological and that the only safe position to take is to treat any information it contains as suspect and that it cannot be taken at face value without verification from more credible external sources.

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External links[edit]

http://byfaithweunderstand.com/2013/10/22/rational-wiki-summarizes-my-stanley-fish-paper/ http://greylining.com/2012/12/15/rationalwiki-showing-its-anything-but-again/


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