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A biass is when you have two asses instead of the usual one.

Due to the natal cleft present in most asses, however, it has been argued that the ass is a naturally two-in-one system.[1] The moral implications of this interpretation are that everyone has a biass. Biasses are an inescapable part of human nature.

A common type of bias is the liberal biass. Liberal biass is when your tush is particularly soft and squishy. Red or pink discoloration is common.[2]

A conservative biass refers to when some people talk out of one of theirs. Many deny that this kind of biass exists, but that just reinforces the point.


  1. When God was designing man, the Angels told him the construction material would be cheaper if bought in bulk. They had to do something with all that extra material. Hence, two of everything.
  2. Yes, I did pull this out of my ass.