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Book of Mormon

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The Book of Moron Mormon is the most effective cure for insomnia known to man.

It was written by Joseph Smith, Jr. as a treatment for insomnia. It was found to be so effective that he started a church based on it.

Next time you have trouble falling asleep, try this: pick up the Book of Mormon and start reading. After just a few pages of repetitive "and it came to pass in the seventy and seventh year that the Nephites did make war on the Lamanites... ...and it came to pass in the seventy and eighth year that the Nephites then did turn from God and God instructed the Lamanites to... ...and it came to pass that the Lamanites then did... ...and it came to pass in the seventy and ninth year that... ...and it came to pass that... ...and it came to pass that... ...ZZZZZZZZZ" you will be fast asleep.

The Book of Mormon is abbreviated "BoM", proving that the Book of Mormon is truly DA BOM!