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Mission of Burma: the non-missional Burma

Uses of "Burma"[edit]

  • Back of an envelope — B.U.R.M.A. — Be upstairs ready my angel
alternatively — Be undressed ready my angel [1]
  • BURMA![2]
  • Burma Shave, an American brushless shaving lather tradename of the 20th century, known for its humorous roadside advertisements that came in series of five or six small signs (a poem followed by "Burma Shave"). The signs appeared from 1925 through 1963.[3]

Some of them were straight advertising pitches with twisted wordplay:

Dinah doesn't
Treat him right
But if he'd shave
Burma Shave

Some were more jokey:

It would be fun
To go by air
But we can't hang
Our signs up there
Burma Shave

Others were like public service announcements:

Many a forest
Used to stand
Where a lighted match
Got out of hand
Burma Shave
  • The Burmese Mission to the United Nations is known for its academy fight song, its promotion of the artist Max Ernst, its opposition to gun control, and its role in the Peking Spring


  1. Similarly, HOLLAND was used to stand for "Hope our love lives/lasts and never dies" and NORWICH was used to stand for "(k)Nickers off ready when I come home". Wikipedia has more examples here.
  2. I panicked
  3. Wikipedia has more examples here.