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(To the tune of “Memory,” from Cats)


Andy lurks in his basement

There he broods about Lenski:

He is brooding alone

In the lamplight

He reads evolution’s occurred in the lab

And then he begins to moan


You’re so evil in my sight!

How I long for the old days

‘Ere this “science” began,

I remember

The time I knew what happiness was

Let the memory live again

Conservapedia’s elite,

To them I’ll sound a warning!


Of his reputation

Yes! Now

My plan is forming!


Give me all of your figures!

Though I’ve not read your paper,

Still I’ll never give in!

If you don’t, then

We’ll harass and intimidate you

And we’ll do it ‘til we win

We know more about the truth

Then Darwinist believers:

Give us your cultures,

Or we’ll lurk like vultures

And call you a deceiver!

You’ll see! Or my name isn’t Schlafly!

I’ll defeat Dr. Lenski,

And I’ll crow when I’ve won!

I’ll claim victory

Regardless of how foolish it is:

Look, a new rant has begun!