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Trus me
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In-depth analysis

Or, "Andy get your largely defensive weapon of gun".

I'm a big fan of musical theater, and I enjoy a good laugh so I've been thinking, let's make a musical about CP, I need title and casting suggestions so get to it people.
Songs that are either works in progress or not yet on the list of songs.
HELP Write the parts that ain't set to tunes!






Musical Numbers[edit]

All ideas are welcome but please stick to theater songs in your ideas

Song Pool[edit]

Move them into scenes as appropriate. Currently the list is too long

  1. "Hark the Red Telephone" (Human's theme) ("Hanging on the Telephone" - Blondie, or "Answering Machine" - Replacements)
  2. "The Rationalwiki song" ("There's a place for us") ("Somewhere" - West Side Story)
  3. "If ever I would block you" ("If ever I would leave you" - Camelot)
  4. "Who wants to be conservative?" (I don't) (DLerner's song) ("Who wants to be a millionaire" - High Society)
  5. "Gay, Demyer" ("Gary, Indiana" - The Music Man)
  6. "Please don't ask me (the MYOB song)" ("Please don't touch me" - Young Frankenstein)
  7. "Block a little, talk a little" ("Pick a little, talk a little" - The Music Man)
  8. "Gentlemen (at Another Website)" ("Willkommen" - Cabaret)
  9. "Fools, Vainglorious Fools" ("Food, Glorious Food" - Oliver!)
  10. Mormon River"Moony River" (in the light of recent circs) ("Moon River" - Breakfast at Tiffany's)
  11. "Hooray for Hollywood Values" ("Hooray For Hollywood" - That's Entertainment!) RationalWiki ensemble
  12. "Oh Great St. Ronnie, virtuous man" (TK's song) ("Our Great Mikado, virtuous man" - The Mikado)
  13. "The Fleet's in Port Again" (P.O. Karajou's celebration) (O-Kay for Sound)
  14. "Never Mind the Why and Wherefore (The MYOB Song)" ("Never Mind the Why and Wherefore" - H.M.S. Pinafore")
  15. "No One Mourns The Liberals" ("No One Mourns The Wicked" - Wicked)
  16. "I've Really Got Potential (Helpjazz's Song)" ("The Lady's Got Potential" - Evita)
  17. "They Won't Learn The Lines I Want To Hear (Liberal Logic)" ("The Actress Hasn't Learned The Lines You'd Like To Hear" - Evita)
  18. "He Is A Diamond (Crocoite's Elegy)" ("She Is A Diamond" - Evita)
  19. "Consider Yourself (Kettleclickit's Song)" ("Consider Yourself" - Oliver!)
  20. "Where is Love? (Philip's Song)" ("Where is Love" - Oliver!)
  21. "It's a Fine Life (Ken's Song)" ("It's a Fine Life" - Oliver!)
  22. "Be Back Soon (DeanS)" ("Be Back Soon" - Oliver!)
  23. "Wonderful (Willful Blindness)" (Wonderful - Wicked)
  24. "Super Andy: atheistic people are atrocious" (Supercallifragelisticexpialidocious)
  25. "There is nothing like an Ames" (Karajou's theme) ("There is nothing like a dame" - South Pacific)
  26. "If I were a Poor man" ("If I were a rich Man" - Fiddler on the Roof) Ed Poor
  27. "How do you solve a problem like Obama?" ("How do you solve a problem like Maria?" - The Sound of Music)
    Sung by Schlafly; at the same time Moony Poor is singing:
  28. "I'm dreaming of a White President (Just like the Ron we had before)"
  29. "Just you wait (Richard Dawkins)" ("Just you wait (Henry Higgins)" - My Fair Lady)
  30. I've Got a Little List (I've Got a Little List - The Mikado)
    Andy extracts his revenge against liberals, professors, Wikipedia, and Hollywood-types by creating lists of all their attributes.
  31. "Defying Sanity" ("Defying Gravity" - Wicked)
  32. "The Google Dance" ("The Bottle Dance" - Fiddler on the Roof)
  33. More MPFC! "Wandalot" (Camelot - MPFC/Holy Grail - "it's just a model")
  34. Who am I?" (Samwell doing a samwell) - "Who am I?" Les Mis [1]
  35. Sysop Song - ("Cop Song" - Urinetown: The Musical) [2]
  36. Finland - (Finland - Monty Python)
  37. Mobocracy on the Wiki - ("Anarchy in the UK" - Adrian Edmonson Lounge Jazz version) RationalWiki Saloon Bar Ensemble
  38. The Blocks of CP - ("The Guns of Brixton" - The Clash) Night of the Blunt Knives?
  39. "The Smell of Rebellion" (Matilda: The Musical by Tim Minchin) in which Karajou vows to root out rebellion from Conservapedia.
  40. The Hymn of Stefan Molyneux ("The Pirate Song" by Ray Stevens)
    A little something different for the middle of the musical. It's just too good for words.