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Cultural Marxism is a political philosophy that advocates redistribution of cultural capital and worker control of theaters, cinemas and museums.

Oh, and also, the DESTRUCTION OF ALL OUR BELOVED TRADITIONS !!!!!! They want us to live in a world where we do not watch Home Alone every christmas, where we do not have Black Friday !


Pierre Bourdieu, a socialogist, is the first to have theorized cultural capital, and wanted it to be redistributed. He was inspired by an other [[Fun:Sociology|socialogist], Marx, who gives his name to cultural marxism, and by the socialogist Max Weber.

Karl Marx was for worker ownership of the means of productions. Cultural marxists has used Marx rethoric to apply it to cultural means of productions, and considered that cultural monuments and cultural industries should be owned by the workers.

Teh destruction of traditions[edit]

Marx wanted traditions to be destroyed. PROOF : "The tradition of all dead generations weighs like a nightmare on the brains of the living." Karl Marx

This quote clearly proves that Marx wanted to destroy traditions.

It should be noted that Marx was gay, and was in love with Engels, with which he wanted to create a family.

Ronald Reagan[edit]

Labor unions are for communists, as they lead to power of workers on the employees. Actors labor unions are for cultural commies. Reagan was a member of an actor trade union, and also defended trade unions.

Barack Obama[edit]

Obama is teh gay muslim communist president of USA. He took many cultural marxist stance, such as supporting gay marriage, and supporting transgender rights.

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