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Despite death alarmist claims to contrary, death is natural (and slightly more certain than taxes — though the state will try).

Some death alarmists like to claim that human activity contributed to the deaths of up to 80 million people between the years 1939 and 1945. This is so arrogant! Death is a massive process. It's absurd to think humans could seriously affect death.

People died before guns were invented. People died before knives were invented. How can "scientists" be so sure that human activity is causing death when people have always been dying?

Death alarmists claim that the number of humans output into the ecosphere is up 10,000% from a thousand years ago. This is just a part of the death cycle: Sometimes there's too many deaths, sometimes there's too few deaths. Nature finds a way.

Death is just very complex. It's something humans shouldn't try to understand.

And that, your Honor, is proof that I did not kill my boss. And even if I did, so what? Death is natural!