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dino traffic should pick up. I had those plastic dinosaurs as a little kid. Not the evilutionist ones they make today because of Jurassic Park. I had the real ones. You know that t-rex that stood up straight like God intended. No ones telling me that dinos and birds are the same. Birds crap on my car so much, it's like their out to get me. "T" is a weird letter. Its got that line on top and the one going down from the middle. It also the first letter of traffic. Of course the cars in traffic are using 10W30, which is the oil that mostly gets on Mike Rowe on that Dirty Jobs show. The great thing about that show is that it makes crap jobs look interesting. We need that. Someone in the next generation needs to take those jobs so that our dividends grow and the mexicans can't get them. And why doesn't Mexico get more cows? I like milk and it costs just way too much. You'd think that with NAFTA I'd be able to get some cheap milk. I guess that all of the equipment to get the mexican cooties out is probably the hold up. Girl cooties. Eewww. Can we really blame Ted Haggard and Larry Craig? Who wants those girl cooties? Public bathrooms are the real problem though. We need more segregation in bathrooms. When you go to the bathroom you have to be people who are as much like you (wink, wink, nod, nod) as possible. But, there probably ought to be an emergency bathroom for anyone. More than once I've had a crap on deck that could choke a donkey and that thing needed to get out right away. Jesus rode a donkey. Maybe we all ought to too. It would cut down on that traffic and we wouldn't use so much 10W30. Five dollars?!?!?!?!?!?!?! art.

--Ken DeMeyer.