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ANIghostFlareC.gif ANIbat2.gif ANIpumpkinToonGlow3C.gif Jack-o-lantern.svg Occurring annually on the 31st of October, Halloween is the traditional day where roving gangs of children descend on your doorstep lacing demands for sweeties with menacing threats of trickery, despite having been warned by their parents never to accept candy from strangers their entire life. Nods.gif This year, the competition has been particularly brutal. My bowl of sweets has been depleted in record time, at the time of writing (7:40 PM) I'm already reduced to pretending not to be home to the gangs of little horrors.

During Halloween, homeschooled kids are instructed to bar the doors, and say prayers for the souls of the normal kids and their sweet-eating, devil-worshipping ways. Others are herded over to the local Hell House.

It is said that on Halloween, the Great Pumpkin will arise from the pumpkin patch and give presents to all the good boys and girls around the world. However, believers of the Great Pumpkin are publicly ridiculed, often called block-heads.

On Halloween, carved are fanciful faces into pumpkins, and played is "mailbox baseball"

Neopagans, on the other hand, have massive drunken orgies to their horny god(s). And really, doesn't that sound like more fun?