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Hunt the Sausage is a very popular and incredibly fun game developed by several RationalWikians as they were chatting away one day. The game, similar to the more popular "Wikipedia Game", involves the player selecting a Conservapedia article to start from, then proceeding to try to navigate to a certain target article within the smallest number of "moves" possible by clicking the links in articles. There are several variations of the game, along with some rules that one can or cannot play by to add to the excitement.


One lovely summer day, more precisely on August 18, 2010, several RationalWiki users were discussing yet another one of Ken's interesting contributions until Sid came up with a brilliant idea: 'We should have challenges on RW. Like "How fast can you go from [Article X] to [one of Ken's pet articles] just by clicking links in articles (and their talk pages)?'" And so, the game known as "Hunt the Sausage", whose name came to be from Genghis Khant's creative mind, came to be.

How to Play[edit]

The game is simple. See how fast you can go from article X to article Y just by clicking links in articles and/or their talk pages. There are several variations of the game that one can play by.

The Ken Trio[edit]

The most common version, named after Ken (aka Conservative), involves the player navigating to one of Ken's three pet articles (Atheism, Evolution, or Homosexuality) after starting from a random article. It isn't too difficult to accomplish, usually taking only several moves, since there is, of course, a mass over-linking in Conservapedia to those three articles. Some theorize that any Conservapedia article can ultimately lead you to one of the Ken Trio just by navigating the links.

The Assfly Trio[edit]

Named after none-other than the famous Andrew Schlafly, the Assfly Trio is just like the Ken Trio, except instead of going to one of Ken's pet articles, the player tries to navigate to one of three articles that happen to be some of Andy's favorites: Abortion, Gun control, or Classroom prayer.

The Uncle Ed Handicap[edit]

For something a little bit more challenging, one can try to navigate to their target article by starting out with one of Ed Poor's famous stubs, which may contain only several links. This is especially challenging when the article has no links whatsoever.