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Fun Facts[edit]

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This user has 11 blocks on Conservapedia.
Andy.gif This user was banned from Conservapedia.
  • On CP, I'm one of the users with the most blocks. (Guess how many of those blocks were actually justified...)
  • On RW, I usually hang out on WIGO.
  • Now also on aSK - let's see how that works out.
  • I love fiddling with templates, and DPL is cool in my book, too.
  • Politics are not my thing, and I stay out of most policy issues.
  • I have the odd tendency to compile ridiculously long tables, especially when it comes to analyzing CP statistics.

Recent Subpage Projects[edit]

The CP Commandments (Honest Version)[edit]


(This is a work in progress. I wanted to do this for a long time, but procrastination is a bitch.)

  1. Do not copy.
    • Copying from public domain sources is cool, no matter how useless the result is.
    • Copying from GFDL projects is cool as long as you claim you're the original author.
    • Copying from copyrighted sources is cool as long as you claim you're the original author.
    • Copying from copyrighted sources is cool, period. You can just claim Fair Use.
    • Copying from copyrighted sources is cool if you're a sysop. If you're still called out, throw a dramatic fit.
  2. Everything you post must be true and verifiable.
    • Wild accusations against liberals are okay. Even when there are sources who prove you wrong.
    • Wrong or unverifiable claims that back the conservative view are okay.
  3. Always cite and give credit to your sources.
    • If it bashes liberals, it doesn't need a source.
    • If the one making a claim is a sysop, it doesn't need a source.
    • Related: Never ask for a source. Instead, it is YOUR duty to find one that proves or disproves the claim.
    • Also, never use the "fact" template. Its use shows that you're pushing an agenda.
  4. Sources should be authoritative works, not merely published opinions by others.
    • The Main Page is above the rules.
    • If somebody "seems to know what he's talking about", any questions about authority are nullified.
    • Any blog or openly biased source is fine, as long as it supports the conservative view.
    • Sources that support the liberal view are biased and not authoritative.
    • If an authoritative and reliable source defends anything non-conservative, it's clearly biased and unreliable.
  5. Do not post personal opinion on an encyclopedia entry.
    • Unless it bashes liberals or praises conservatives.
    • Unless it's the opinion of a sysop.
  6. Unproductive activity may result in a block. This is usually called the 90/10 rule, which refers to the rule's guidelines of "90% talk, 10% quality edits".
    Translation of some terms:
    • "Unproductive activity": "Any comment that annoys a sysop, but which doesn't violate any other rule"
    • "may result in a block": "will result in a block as soon as the sysop runs out of arguments"
    • "90%": "anything >0%"
    • "10%": "anything <100%"
  7. Castle Rule: Your user page is your castle. You are free to voice your opinion there.
    "Paper Castle" note: You are not allowed to post anything remotely bad about CP or any of its supporting members.
    "Reagan was awesome, so STFU!" note: You are not allowed to post anything remotely bad about anything conservative.
    "Skeleton Key" note: Sysops are free to edit, lock or delete your castle at any time.
  8. Don't bully other editors, don't make personal remarks, don't attack other users.
    Unless the other user is a liberal. Then all bets are off. Maybe keep the insults thinly veiled, just so you still look like one of the Good Guys.
  9. You will be held accountable for your actions. After all, "denial of accountability" is Liberal Style (#12).
    • Sysops will never be held accountable for any of their actions.
    • Friends of sysops will never be held accountable, either.
  10. There is nothing to see here. Move along, citizen.
    You see a sysop bullying an innocent editor? You see a sysop openly breaking the official CP Commandments? LOOK AWAY.
    • Do not comment on how another editor's block was unfair.
    • Do not criticize articles that bash liberals.
    • Do not point out that some claim is so far-out that it's impossible to prove.
    • Seriously, if a sysop did something you disagree with... go make edits to the "cat" article or something.