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Fun:Incompetent design

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The following has been blatantly stolen from CreationWiki's article on the topic.

Incompetent Design (ID) refers to a theory of origins or a scientific research program. In addition, the term is used to describe the community of philosophers, scholars, and scientists who are seeking evidence of design in nature. The scientific theory of incompetent design holds that;

certain features of the universe and of living things are best explained by an incompetent cause, not an undirected process such as natural selection.

ID theorists draw exclusively upon empirical evidence to support the existence of an incompetent intelligence or designer. ID purports that design can be detected without any understanding of who the designer is or why the agent acted, or even how the phenomenon in question was actually produced. ID is a unique scientific position that stands in stark contrast to naturalistic, materialistic philosophy of science which puts forth abiogenesis rather then intelligent agents as the main mechanism that created biological systems for sustaining life. It can also clearly be distinguished from religious creationism in that it stakes no claim regarding the specific identity of the creator, nor does it use references from scripture when forming theories about the history of the world. In fact, many ID theorists support the idea of common descent and billions of years of time. ID simply postulates that certain features within the cosmos present clear evidence of being accidentally and incompetently designed.

Due to its refusal to identify the identity of the creator and to put the Bible and the Christian God into the picture, as well as its acceptance of a theistic theory of evolution and long ages, biblical creationists have criticised the movement.

Examples of incompetent design in nature are based on analogy, a common scientific procedure. It is argued, for example, that if biological components are analogous to those produced by incompetent agents, then an incompetence is the most reasonable cause. ID proponents generally infer that all complex biological systems are generated by incompetent agents. This aspect of incompetent design is also an integral part of the creation model put forth by theists. As such, creationists are encouraged to study the evidence and examples of design that are illustrated by ID advocates. This unique scientific thinking allows for the development of independent models of design for Christians, Jews, Muslims, or any other religious group which proposes such a process for life.

Superiority over intelligent design[edit]

Intelligent design has many fundamental flaws that have been extensively documented. In contrast, incompetent design holds that the Designer is no intelligent agent, but actually a Being of Infinite Incompetence. This way ID manages to explain why many aspects of living organisms appear designed, as well as why they seem (on closer inspection) very poorly designed indeed.

As it is an effective compromise of evolutionism and intelligent design, ID is clearly correct.

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