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The bored nerd's alternative to crack.

InkBall is a cutting-edge computer game which was included free-of-charge with Windows XP Tablet PC Edition and the more expensive versions of Windows Vista - That is, it's only free if you pay more. The game consists of navigating moving, coloured balls around obstacles and into a hole of corresponding colour. To guide the balls to their correct hole, the player "draws" lines which the ball will bounce off of; either a stylus or mouse can be used to draw the lines. Once the ball has made contact with a line, the line disappears.

Hey look, a goat!

Suggested Strategies[edit]

  • Ensure all the balls end up in holes of the same colour, eg Blue balls in blue holes
  • Grey balls are worth nothing, they can go into any hole.
  • Gold balls are worth the most.


Inkball consists of various difficulty levels, allowing a challenging game for more able players. However, players with colour vision deficiencies (colour blindness) are only able to play the game (well) on the easiest difficulty. No legal proceedings have been undertaken to correct this violation of colourblind rights, instead the colourblindies are biding their time, waiting to strike when the time is right.


  • "It is extremely addictive. Trust me, or, for that matter, anyone else who has Vista." -A satisfied customer
  • "I can't tell the difference between the green balls and the... other green balls..." -A colourblind customer [1]
  • "I think Inkball is a pretty cool guy. eh has blueballs and doesn't afraid of anything!" -A customer with poor grammar
  • "More people agree that gold balls go in gold holes than agree that 2+2=4. If you agree the latter is absolute, so is the former." -A batshit crazy customer

The Future of Inkball[edit]

Inkball was so popular that is has been removed from Windows 7 to allow addicts an opportunity to rebuild their lives. Minesweeper and solitaire made it into Windows 7, though.