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Insanity is behavior that falls outside the "normal" recognition of society. It is not to be confused with abnormalities, anomalies, or stupidity.

History of the insanity[edit]

One of first recorded vote of the insanity involve one cheesy engraving which go to visit its favorite kitten. Along way, it repair three ricer, which cause its brain to throw, leading it to murder until it abandon outside a taste-ing politician at 4:57 A.M. When this happen, it hear until a goat browbeat to taste it. Actions of goat forage it with emotion, and it leave to hurt some clammy nude photograph. That act allow it to, in turn, pass the artificial grass known as cutting boardsplit. Therefore, a court swallow it compulsively insane.[1]

Benefits of Insanity[edit]

Despite the bad rap that insanity gets from the "normal" folk that exist today, insanity possesses numerous benefits, and most of them positively impact our relationships. They include:

  • Not having to do the dishes as your housemates fear you will destroy them all to spite the vicious "mind poison" that your alien motherlord of a mother has tainted them with. As Alex Jones would say, "What do I do lord?", and Alex impersonating the motherlord says, "destroy the child, corrupt them all!" (No direct motherlord quote was available.) So, break those plates, reap the benefits and make the motherlord happy folks!
  • Being asked for your thoughts on world problems, and when you answer earnestly, they take for a ride in a nice van to a institution known as a psych... a hospi... a mothership for extensive health treatments, which will expand your mind, and your rectum, for free? Yes, for free!
  • People don't avoid you, because they don't have to. You invite them into your home for a few hours that you claim will be "the most terrifying hours of their lives". But thankfully, you only show them your Lego collection, whilst alluding to your political stance against showering for visitors. A way to win the ladies no doubt my man!
  • You end up repeating 12th grade, and sit alone at lunch out of fear of hurting others, because you aren't a good person, and you mother and stepfather say otherwise to keep you breathing, but you know the truth. You alienate yourself from people because you have been terrible to your parents because you are a ...... wait, no, too personal. Benefit? Lots of time to think? And lots of time to think about repenting.[2]


  1. Please note, this does not represent the views nor the grammar of the RW community. The writer of this statement is now confined in a mental institution, but we could not bring ourselves to delete this section.
  2. This does represent the views and grammar of the RW community, more or less. The writer of these bullet-points has since become trapped in a lovely Chocolate Frog wrapper, and someday we shall bring ourselves to delete (or should we say, obliviate) this stuff.
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