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I sure like meat, hence I wrote a poem about it when drunk one evening.

Meat Meat delicious Meat
Oh how I do love Meat
Mince and Sausage
Chicken and Beef
I do love to eat Meat.

You can see Meat
Walking down the street
Plodding around on 2 feet
Grab a seat
Its a flavour that can't be beat.

Nothing beats a fleshy carcass
Even when things look their darkest
When I have fresh blood dripping from my chin
And I'm wearing someone elses skin
I feel I have commited every sin.

I eat everything meaty
From babies to scabies
Cats and lamb racks
Even something nice and cuddley
Will end up twisted and bloody.

This may sound bad
But do not be sad
Be happy
Be glad
Im now tucking into my left hand.