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Fun:Missional fallacy

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[When an] article is just lying[sic] there, on its back, waiting for something interesting to happen

The missionary missional fallacy occurs in RationalWiki's articles for deletion discussions. A user states an article should be kept because the topic is missional. The argument is made regardless of the article's (lack of) quality and content. While the topic may be missional, the user assumes with good faith someone, someday will improve the article. But the user won't do it themselves, nonono.

Unfortunately, the fallacy allows crappy articles to exist with the excuse that it will someday be better. In the end, if an article sucks, just kill it off. RationalWiki doesn't need to be associated with shitty articles.

If the topic is deemed important, then a user should add it to the todo list instead of cluttering the wiki with half-assed articles which solely exist as todos. If someone does decide to cover the article better, then they will create the page again, it's not hard.