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Fun:National Atheist Party

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The National Atheist Party is a fun mob of damnable unbeliebers unbelievers who neither respect nor accept the sound moral teachings of Our Only Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. This 'morality' consisting of such things as genocide, infanticide, slavery, rape, torture, bigotry, illogic, cutting off your foreskin in an insane covenant, and good people suffering forever for the mere 'crime' of disbelief. For some reason the NAP finds something wrong with these things and actually has the audacity to want to abide by the 1st Amendment and enforce the separation of church and State.

As is well known in sound Christian circles which go 'round and 'round, atheists are obese, unattractive to the opposite sex (just like many Christians), support homosexuality instead of pretending it doesn't happen quite a bit in the religious community. Most or all atheists are Communists instead of delusional cultists like most faith based creatures. Moreover the wrath of God is manifest against unrighteous atheistic fools and further still atheists do not really exist, yet we pretend this is not only the truth, but somehow a 'good' thing. Theists of course have no evidence to support these beliefs, but hey...that's why they call it "faith".

These strident atheists have no right whatsoever to take any part at all in the political process except for that silly thing called the "Constitution of the United States of America", and their organisation is abusing our democracy. Yet no where near as much as faith based politicians the last 200+ years besides the fact that we are not a democracy but a Republic...but who cares about facts? Indeed every experssion of atheistic opinions is abusing free speach, including my right to write "speach" instead of "speech". For Xians have never abused free speach nor anyone's right to express such.

External links[edit]

  • How to Shut Up an Atheist for when atheists are open with their unspeakable views. This is of course a really weak article as most like this are, but it is good for a laugh.