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Fun:North Korean Rhetorical Bingo

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"Hi, Billy Mays here for North Korean Rhetorical Bingo!"
All phrases guaranteed truth from the People's honorable Korean Central News Agency (KCNA).
North Korean Rhetorical Bingo
Packs Of Wolves Only Absolute Force A War Maniac Bereft of Reason Powerful Socialist Nation Open Fire Of Justice By Order Which Can Be Made Any Moment
Reckless Military Adventure Meet Their Miserable End Ballistic Rocket Annihilate The Masterminds Of The Thrice-Cursed Operation U.S. Imperialist Warmongers
Blow The U.S. From This Planet Shameful Defeat
Final Doom

Wipe Out Provocateurs Final Victory


Heinous Confrontation Maniacs Puppet Warmongers Aggression War Against The DPRK U.S. Bases Of Aggression
Historic Enveloping Fire Marshal Kim Jong Un, The Greatest-Ever Commander Wretched Plight Of The U.S. Imperialists Invincible Ideological Power Thousands-Fold Revenge
proudly produced by the RationalWiki Bingo Card Company