Fun:Political Rap

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Wanna balance the budget, cut the deficit?

Raise the income tax

These rates are too lax

Gotta raise 'em to the max

Look at the GDP, say "what are these hacks?"

Here's big Ronald Reagan

Whoa, look at that debt he's making

From the poor he's taking

The economy's aching

The corporate giant is waking

Now let's hear about Bill

He passed many a bill

Up on the Hill

Bin Laden he couldn't kill

Don't worry, Barack will

Hey kids, let's learn about old Dubya Bush

Election wasn't a rush

Went into Afghanistan like 'whoosh'

Turned Iraq into mush

By the right he was hailed

We really failed,

But he said “we've prevailed'

And now finally Barack

The GOP watching his spending like a hawk

They really do like to mock

Hope and change, he's one to talk

Re-election made Romney walk