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Q is a queer letter.

If you inquire quickly, you will discover there is a quota on its quiet use. It isn't used very querously, and is most often quaint. Queechee Gorge in Vermont has a quorum of Q's. Tequila is my favorite quaff, especially when squiring dates on Chappaquiddick. Quetzlcoatl rulz (especially in scrabble) and owns a quiverful of Audi Quattros. A quart of whiskey is requisite if you expect to quarrel in a quarry while eating quahogs. — Quentin

In English, the rare letter Q is almost always followed by that tagalong letter, u.

In Star Trek, Q is the name of an omnipotent being who messes with Picard. It is also the name of every other omnipotent being. They are all Q's. Every single one of them is named "Q". But they don't get themselves confused with each other.

There is no "Q" in goat[citation needed].

On the plus side, the letter "Q" is worth ten points in Scrabble, along with "Z".

When Arabic words are being anglicized, there is a strong chance that every other consonant will be a "Q".

Q is a favorite of furries, since it is the only letter with a tail.

Q was the gadget dude from the James Bond series (until he died and was replaced by R).

Just to be Qlear[edit]