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EBG13 vf n "pbqr"[1] jurer n yrggre vf ercynprq jvgu gur yrggre 13 cynprf nybat va gur nycunorg.


  1. nygubhtu abg frpher va nal jnl funcr be sbez

Rkgreany yvax[edit]

Plaintext for the unwashed un31337[edit]

ROT13 is a "code"[1] where a letter is replaced with the letter 13 places along in the alphabet.


1. ↑ although not secure in any way shape or form

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Draw nigh, children, and attend to your creepy uncle while he tells you of his time in the cubicles, looking at grownup stories on his glass teletype. Sometimes his boss would peek over his shoulder, to make sure he was working as hard as ever he could. Uncle Ed didn't like his boss to yell at him for fucking off on company time, and the nice people who wrote those grownup stories knew this, so they would use a secret code for the parts that might make the boss mad if he saw them. Can you spell NSFW? You can? I knew you could, and I am very proud of you.