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This is the page that will never be written. Do not write it.

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This is for news about RationalWikiWiki that is more than weeks months year aeons old. Why? I don't know I just like to archive things.

12Hans Johnson gives Brxbrx the boot.
7That's some creepy Ken-stalking right there.
5Rrose Selavy retires[1], and reveals eirself to be Totnesmartin. Or Sophie. Or something.
14For years, he has been shrouded in mystery. After all this time, Admin reveals himself to be... Onion!
-1 Brxbrx breaks the cardinal rule and his article is locked.
10Great things are afoot! Could we be seeing a total retooling of RWW's mission?
8The first positive thing to emerge from the latest HCM chaos - it has a name! HUMANGATE! Brxbrx takes artistic liberties with the article in a desperate bid for attention. Any attention, good or bad.[2]
10Liveware Problem throws up her hands and admits that even RWW's crowd of obsessives can't keep track of the current HCM. Will RWW have to define a new level of HCM as a result?
15Subtle in its concept; delicate in its design; daring in its implementation... or just a totally pointless template?
25After Nutty gets annoyed at a WIGO, there's a long edit war that ends with Punky pulling rank and using his own unfunny WIGO instead. The upshot is that if anybody dislikes what they read about themselves at RWW, all you have to do is edit war until Punky gets annoyed.
1A vandal attacks and while nobody is around[3]. Later, an angry Tyrannis returns. Where are Conficker, Rrose and Liveware Problem?
9RWW declares the religion wars over at RW. The Gang of Four have won. Susan would have been so proud!
2P-Foster makes a rare RWW appearance. Note to Punky: protect any high-volume pages before he breaks your wiki.
6The ongoing HCM over what RW should be about spreads to RWW! Is RWWW safe? Surely someone cares about What is going on at RationalWikiWikiWiki?
10Punky McPunkerson stages a bloodless coup
10MarcusCicero, unable to get anyone else to take his bait, is reduced to talking to himself. Hairs on the palms of his hands can't be far off.
6After three years, RWW finally gets a manual of style.
3Liveware Problem talks to the long inactive Falseflag[4]. What could this mean?
8The 50 article project is completed[5]. Yay?
6An ongoing spam attack leads to preventative blocks and use of CheckUser info from another site. [6]
-6Common sucari reveals themselves to be Rrose Selavy. [7]
12RWW reveals its seekrit base
9 [8] 50 articles. 1 month. Can they do it?
9After 6 month, Hans returns[9]
8You my friend, need a hobby [10]
11The winners of the 2010 RationalWiki Awards are announced.
7The deRA-fication is beginning! [11]
6Voting/nominations are now open for the 2010 RationalWiki Awards
-1A talk page becomes the source for debate about preferred alcoholic beverages and drinking laws[12]
5It's alive!!!!
3Lamest block war ever [13]
2Oh no! Pictures!
-3The category for sysops is about to be deleted
2Now that takes dedication
4RWW seems to be planning to give "RationalWiki Awards" in the style of Conservapedia Day Awards.
3A CONservapedian drama queen shows up.
0What is going on at RWW? Absolutely nothing on the 3rd and 4th of October!
1MarcusC is free to edit
9The mysterious Admin returns after 6 months.
17RationalWikiWiki is about to die again. Update Trent has saved it.
7Lumenos still doesn't get the working with others part of wiki editing.
6Hans Johnson decides to end the only editing on RWW, by blocking MarcusCicero.
11RationalWikiWiki has a funny WIGO (apparently). Wish we did, we only have shit like this to WIGO.
5If it is offensive enough to block for why is it not offensive enough to revert?
6MarcusCicero gets pwned!
4RationalWikiWiki is now a forum dedicated to the discussion of beer, pizza, chips and other carb-heavy foodstuff.
6New Leader of RationalWikiWiki (?) MNpunkboy realises giving MarcusCicero a carte blanche to write his thoughts on RationalWiki, would not be a good thing.
10Trent lays down the law.
4Fall down reappears to object to his nomination for "most abusive editor." He is promptly blocked for two days.
4It appears that, thanks to some diplomacy, MarcusCicero is finally gone from both RationalWiki and RationalWikiWiki. Yeah, right.
7RationalWikiWiki brings in night mode to deal with MarcusCicero's tantrum.
11MarcusCicero wants you to know just how many sexual favours he is getting. Curiously though - he doesn't make mention of the gender of those providing him with said favours. I'm just saying.... *Update* A sexually self-sufficient walrus offers a hint as to the source of Mr Cicero's sexual favours: Walrus pleasures itself (NSFW, unless you're a zoo keeper) .
9False Flag proposes a "RationalWiki Awards Contest," which in English means "a free-for-all of copious namecalling."
5Recreate your account with your real first name and last initial
-8Phantom Hoover kills BlightyNet.
2In yet another imitation of RationalWikiWikiWiki, Phantom Hoover decided to squat on another wiki to create BlightyNet - the wiki about everything British.
1After making a few dozen edits RationalWikiWiki's would be saviour leaves and never comes back, until the next day.
-3Oooh, there's a bit of an edit war... other than that. Still nothing.
-7RationalWikiWiki was off-line for a while and is now back, or something.
3Well, the TOR thing got a little bit of attention
3RationalWikiWiki suffers a vandal attack, resulting in more than the traditional one edit a day.
4After being called a "pisswad" by Human, Trent changes the copyright to CC-BY SA 3.0 and then distances himself from the webshite.
7Hans Johnson returns and undoes CUR's promotions, reducing the long term impact CUR had as leader to zero.
2Trent tries knocking on the doors of a ghost town.
-4They're watching us...
4Oh noes! RationalWikiWiki has two weeks to live, if it doesn't receive something or other it needs. Who will save it? Update Boo Hurray RA has saved it.
-1Some would be crusader has arrived, to save RationalWikiWiki. Although, given he is also a user of RationalWiki, he probably will just bring more of the same.
7RA Hans Johnson returns to RWW in order to desysop and block CUR Arthropleura for "abuse of the site for the purposes of self-aggrandizement and the continuation of off-site conflicts". Gee, nothing like that has ever happened at RWW before, has it?
-2CUR uploads a screenshot of ... well something, that is for sure.
2CUR copies one of RationalWiki's better funspace articles with the fantastic reason "it fits here better". CUR fails copy-right and attribution 101.
2Arthrowhassname deletes Fall down's Wikipedia-bashing, then demotes and blocks him. UPDATE: Troll baiting: success! MOAR: The epic battle spills over to RationalWikiWikiWiki.
2I had my dog put down when it got like this.
7Hans Johnson returns to RationalWikiWiki.
2CUR has yet another WIGO to WIGO himself on.
5Phantom Hoover: RationalWikiWiki is not going anywhere and is becoming obsessed with itself. His solution to this stagnation, let's not edit for 3 day.
4Welcome to FalldownWiki
7Fall down decides to turn the creepiness up to eleven
2The CUR Doctrine: Any minor insignificant event that involved him requires its own page. Update: The great CUR block war has become the great piss off CUR by deleting his article war.
1Fall down is on the way up. The Emperor demonstrates his short memory. Phantom Hoover wisely decides a mop rather than baton should be Fall down's weapon.
11A BON , write obscene limericks. Arthropleura fails at censoring them. We can still see them. Update: Fall down shows he at least has the technical skills new leader CUR lacks.
8Afraid of losing his power, The God King of RationalWikiWiki undoes CUR's promotions (and keeps on- - look at the Bureaucrat section)
3Notorious edit-warrior CUR discovers the wheel-war.
14CUR: Now I am in charge I want to get rid off all the mean things people have said about me. VOTE TALLY "no", "no", "no" and "no" ... etc.
15 CUR: Hey, I have a totally original idea: a Saloon Bar!!!
-3CUR (aka Arthropleura) is a mini-Hans Johnson, promoting everybody. Except Fall down, of course.
3Cometh the hour, cometh the man.
12Fall down: I'll just tidy my talkpage and reply to a comment here and I think that would look better here. Stupid BON: No you won't. Fall down: What? Commence edit war. Two hours later. Lets each grab a new account and continue edit-warring. Update: Predictable old Fall down, "it is obviously a woman". Update: Fall down is blessed with psychic abilities. MOAR: It has officially been going for 4 hours with 95 revisions. MOAR UPDATE: Now Bitchslapyall has shown up, to well bitch slap you all, he is even embarrassing to the lame-ass troll. It just continues: 5 hrs, 135 revisions. It's over: Nx deletes the page for a peculiar reason.
4What is going on? "I'll just crank it up to 100 to see if I can find anything. Hey look, I can see last week from here!"
2Oh no! Mega has withdrawn her fickle support for RationalWikiWiki after her two edits are re-verted. She reappears as a transparent sock in 5,4,3...
3Fall down deals with his block at A Storehouse of Knowledge in his trademark mature style. UPDATE: Phantom Hoover burns the page censoring the vandalism, just like those fascists at Conservapedia censor our vandalism for some reason. MOAR: PJR Nx, the only reasonable admin, restores the page.
2In a blatant rip off of RationalWikiWikiWiki's, highly original, What is going on at RationalWikiWiki, RationalWikiWiki is considering a What is going on at RationalWiki. This is not surprising given that RationalWikiWikiWikisWiki has already launched there own WIGO RationalWikiWikiWiki.
2An edit war, erupts over The Great Block War article, the only article edited in a day. UPDATE The edit war has been going longer than the block war now.
6Nx has taken control of the webshite and some added some basic wikifunction, as well as restoring IP editng. Wait that is something actual important! What is going on here?
6Has anyone noticed that most of Fall down's contributions are about RationalWikians that have lady parts?
5It appears as if Hans Johnson has decided that RationalWikiWiki doesn't appear to be doing much. (and that his hard work(!) is unappreciated aaaawww.) He takes his leave and in his place rests the fate of RationalWikiWiki in two new Bureaucrats, Phantom Hoover and Nx, a fishy janitor, and a cop. Could this be the end of RationalWikiWiki, or a new beginning?
5By request: Hans Johnson is a power-mad autocrat.
10CUR takes a dive in the ratings. Countdown to tiresome reversions and edit-warring by the Wolf-Boy in 3..2... UPDATE: Ha!
2A historic day as Hans Johnson creates the second archive for Main Page talk. My God this place is boring.
1RationalWikiWiki makes its own hit list, complete with a skull and cross bone.
-1 Refugee makes a pretty picture. Other people like it. This website is growing rapidly really, really, boring.
-3Alison calls Rationalwikiwiki a "podunk" wiki. Hilarity Indifference ensues.
11Rationalwikiwikiwiki takes on Conservapedia-like behaviour, with Conservative Hans Johnson locking a page to reflect his preferred version. Will the editors toe the line? Does anyone really care? UPDATE: Well, one person cares. The Wolf-Boy eagerly reluctantly accepts user rights so that he might continue to poke Fall down with a stick. You get'em, Tiger Cheetah!
8RationalWikiWiki has repurposed itself and is dedicating all of its efforts to becoming the latest front in the Fall down/Alison wars. They all sort of deserve each other, it would seem.
-2Unable to get into another argument at RW, {{subst:U|ConservapediaUndergroundResistor}} goes to annoy Fall down over at RWW.
-3Fall down seem to have achieved some form of self-actualization.