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Fun:RationalWiki Parables

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RationalWiki - A public service *[edit]

Somewhere in southern England several days ago.

"Now, N____ you promise you won't do anything stupid while I'm away?"
Of course not my little vixen, I'l be as good as g-ld!
"You won't go down the pub and beat up all the locals? Remember what happened last time!"
No, I've stocked up with Special Brew from Sainsburys. I'll only drink at home.

A few days later.

Damn! No sex for nearly a week and now I'm right out of ale. I need some scabs and bruises to show my eldest daughter that I'm still fighting anti-semitism but I promised I wouldn't go down the pub!
He, he! I'll log on to RatWiki and stir them up a bit. I wonder if any of them would be stupid enough to come here and have a fight?

A few hours later.

Fuck the lot of them and their liberal pacifism! I'm off down the pub for some real blood. Shit! Too late, the pub's shut now. Oh well, I'll show those rat-wussies. TK would have never have put up with their mealy-mouthing. Now, which ones do I know that edit at Conservapedophilia? Oops, Freudian slip, I mean Conservapedia. Ah yes, there was Kettlechip who changed his name and he's active right now.
Block length:5 yrs
Reason:RW mole
Take that you twat!
Block length:5 yrs
Reason:RW mole

A week later.

"Darling, I'm home!"
Did you enjoy your time in America?
"Yes, thanks. You didn't get into any fights while I was away did you?"
No my little vixen. I spent all my time on the internet fighting anti-semites.
"Thank goodness for RationalWiki. I couldn't stand it if we had to move house yet again!"

* - This actually happened (sort of) (see [1], read the next six or so sections)