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In some types of New Age "love and light" ethics, intent is the only thing which counts, and a sufficiently pure love is associated with all which is good and with a change in spiritual state leading to ascension. This thought experiment of "The Big-Hearted Nuker" explores an extreme of where this may lead.

A mysterious plot device[edit]

A not altogether honest person has come up with a brand-new scheme for destroying civilization, and as part of it, the equipment necessary; a system which can be repeatedly used, in place after place, to detonate a nuclear bomb at a safe distance at the push of a buttton. The plan for how this device is to be used is a little unusual; it is to be carried around the world on a doomsday tour, a city here and a city there destroyed, until one or more countries are the first to launch nukes in response to the destruction, and by doing so lead the international community to fully take over and complete all that remains of the grand destructive project.

The planner does not want to personally travel, having other things to oversee as part of it all, but finds the perfect helper upon encountering and befriending Big-Hearted. A more loving person than the latter is difficult to find, and Big-Hearted also happens to be a naive idealist easily convinced of a great many things, which when added together transform the idea of the journey to be undertaken into the idea of an altruistic quest to harmoniously accelerate worldwide progress towards ascension into higher realms of existence.

Beaming like a large smiley face, Big-Hearted accepted the task of traveling the world and helping to lighten the planetary vibration, by harmoniously intervening here and there, in area after area in which people have been deemed to be ready for the assistance to be given.

As Big-Hearted makes the final preparations for the journey, the two meet for a final time, and our schemer offers Big-Hearted a little mysterious device, with a button to be pushed so as to trigger "an ascension" at a distance, in accordance with a series of instructions; a great bright light should then be seen enveloping everything in the place concerned, and some heat, pressure, and noise may arrive a little later. Big-Hearted is cautioned that what happens then may appear very dramatic, and that afterwards, there is a great risk that misunderstandings will give rise to fear, anger, and panic on the part of peoples and their governments.

Nevertheless, there is no reason for fear on the part of Big-Hearted, our deceiver assures, for the temporarily hightened contrast between lower and higher vibrations will soon-enough give way to a greater state of things, all around the world. "Simply be calm and loving and do not say things that may scare people," the mentor advises ahead of the journey.

The journey begins[edit]

Big-Hearted rides a plane towards the first of about a dozen destinations. Probably not all of these destinations even need to be reached, as the likelihood has been said to increase that world events take off, dramatically accelerating "towards a wonderful new beginning," after each stop along the journey. The first few places to visit are cities in two Western nuclear powers.

Some wild rumors had already begun to spread throughout the web that certain countries were going to attack other countries, and that a terrible conspiracy existed. Big-Hearted had already been told to expect such things, and that such upsets among crowds of people is a sort of instinctive reaction by the part of the collective unconscious which resists the process of ascension; it's nothing to worry about, even if it intensifies for a time along the journey, and in the end no great harm will come of it – people will wake up, snapping out of the nightmare they temporarily have anchored themselves in, seeing the light.

As for the mysterious device, turned off during the flight, it looks unremarkable and no particular attention is paid to it by anyone else. This device, the idea goes, can be used all over the world to help those who are ready to proceed further in their spiritual evolution, by focusing and intelligently co-ordinating hightened energies in an area, belonging to those ready to awaken to the fullest and cross boundaries between worlds. All will then unfold as it should, in accordance with the highest spiritual plan, and there is nothing to worry about. "Just use it in faith and love and all will ultimately turn out right for everyone," Big-Hearted had been told, as part of sagely advice found very convincing.

Worldwide transformation[edit]

Standing atop a hill, the British countryside behind and a large city barely visible ahead, Big-Hearted looks down at the device and pushes a button in accordance with indications shown on its screen. Soon, a great light, as if from a second and larger Sun, appears, followed a time later by the mightiest and most portentous thunderous noise Big-Hearted had ever heard – but not by a large margin, having witnessed something similar earlier the same day in a part of southern France.

It was sad, but those not ready had become terribly agitated, fresh news reports suggesting something utterly horrible and far from what Big-Hearted knew to be the peaceful reality of these events. With great sympathy, Big-Hearted embraced all those fearful in heart, while knowing that they would need time to reorient themselves and see the light and understand the love in all that was unfolding.

The journey would next go to Israel, where everything good tied to several religious sites held sacred by many would, all at once, be brought into union with its heavenly nature. It was also very important to quickly help the people of China with the great lightening of vibrations, around several cities. Across the Atlantic, the time would also come for the Statue of Liberty to glow like a star and show the way for everyone near it. The journey could go on further, India being a big and important place to visit, though judged to be of such a spiritual nature that it could wait for a little bit, managing very well on its own for up to a few days.

For the most part, airport and other security did not bother Big-Hearted much, as if the perfect benevolence and innoncence with which the journey was undertaken shone through. After a few stops, it did happen that Big-Hearted was interrogated by people noting that the flights coincided with the countries very recently in the news, but their suspicions melted after Big-Hearted spoke of the sorrow of fearfulness and the certainty that things would turn around for the better, in a way that gave them the impression of a traumatic shock and denial. Those who looked more closely at Big-Hearted saw a harmless person fleeing from the horrors of the world.

The bright-ened end[edit]

Big-Hearted never traveled to all of the places. Indeed, the words of the mentor seemed to come true, as the unfortunately fearful news made it clear in their way that events were accelerating, and that more and more places around the world had begun to become enveloped in light. The great splitting of realms was taking place, and more and more parts of the world that had been left behind as other places ascended were being pulled up towards those which had already ascended, to join them. Soon, most of humanity would ascend, and the remainder would find themselves with plenty of space, in a less crowded, less hectic world offering the opportunities to grow and mature that they needed in future ages – so the idea went.

Of course, Big-Hearted also ascended, disappearing in a flash of light at a time in which many flashes of light had begun to appear, enveloping ever more of the world. Just before that happened, a perfect purity of heart expressed itself in the attitude and intent which Big-Hearted showed towards the world, and by criteria of chakra activations and intelligent infinity and more, Big-Hearted was surely ready, expressing as purely as human nature allows the altruism corresponding to some kind of higher angelic realm.

It will be left unsaid, however, exactly what the mastermind behind the mission was intending and experiencing at the same time. But on the whole, said mastermind was rather pleased with how it had all turned out, and in that particular sense, was having a thoroughly positive experience.