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Evil liberal statist fascist homosexual theistic Marxist communism, or theistic homosexual communism for short, is the true form of governance exercised here on RationalWiki. Defining characteristics include leftist tendencies, gay orgies, and the cult of the jerboa His holiness the almighty Goat.


Unsurprisingly, the ratio of Socialist Party members to total editors is , a value which RationalWikians brashly declare to equal 1. Any and all internal disputes are settled by way of a Great Purge and a patriotic disaster war with Finland, all in the name of the goatse and the holy Gay homosexuality and the Woolly Goat, which brings us to our next point...




Hallowed be His woolly name. That's really all there is to say on the matter.

SO GAY[edit]

Really. Very gay. A complete aberration against the totally natural order invented by a bunch of medieval prudes real party. Wide stances encouraged.

Outside the Internet[edit]

In America, Muslim atheistic homosexual communistic fascists are known to have successfully installed one of their own as President. This is a severe threat to national security, as he will transfer nuclear weapons to Iran, make war on Israel, take away all of our largely defensive weapons of gun, institute shariah, add zakat to the tax code, charge us all jizya (except of course his followers), and call Hitler back from the moon.