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Fun:Unfortunate website names

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These are examples of companies and organizations that should have thought twice before registering their web domain. In many cases, they did not anticipate how two or more words run together in the URL could be read as a different arrangement of words. A few of these sites have now been abandoned, or moved to less ambiguous domain names, but many remain in their original location.

The following are emphasised in CamelCase, just in case you can't see them first time:

  • The Autonomous Crypto Asset Exchange - Bit.ch
  • Mole Station Nursery - www.MolestationNursery.com (defunct)[6]
  • Powergen Italia www.PowerGenitalia.com (defunct)


  1. Now redirects to www.dicksondata.com
  2. Now at www.experts-exchange.com
  3. Now redirects to www.ferrethjobs.com. "Is your business in the right hands?"
  4. Now redirects to www.gotahoenorth.com
  5. Possibly this company name was chosen deliberately for its double entendre value. You can even buy Mammoth Erection T-shirts and baseball caps. Nevertheless, the name hasn't prevented the company from being hired by many churches.
  6. Now at www.molerivernursery.com
  7. The company has renamed to www.learn.com. For an example of the original logo, see here