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Fun:Where will you go after you die

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Do you want to know where you'll end up once you go black depending of your faith or philosophy of life that you follow, if any, and what others have to say about that? This table tells what fate awaits you (click it to see full size):

Pascal's wager expanded.jpg

Look for your belief or whatever you've in the rows, and once found look in the columns for the philosophy or faith you're interested in (example: if you're Protestant and the afterlife is Buddhist (or according to practitioners of said faith), you'd reincarnate[1]). This, of course, assumes you acted in the ways your faith/philosophy wants even if some of them do not care at all about that.

Key (just in case):

Lost souls = 'Nuff said. Hope you enjoy wandering as that elsewhere.
Nothingness = Nonexistence[2]
Punishment = UNpleasant (for your faith at least) afterlife as Hell or the like (Sheol, the Underworld...).
Purge = Purgatory or equivalent.
Reincarnation = 'nuff said
Reward = pleasant (in theory) afterlife as Heaven or the like.
All go to hell = Self-explanatory (Hell, Hades, Sheol, the Underworld...). The early view[3]
Uncertain = Your fate depends of the mood(s) of the one(s) in charge and/or the way you behaved in life.


  1. So much time reading the Bible just for that, uh?
  2. With perhaps the possibility of being born again (but not in the Christian Evangelism sense). The Universe is a very big place after all.
  3. Read, for example, Odysseus/Ulysses' descent to the Underworld in "The Odyssey"