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Not to be confused with the Bay of FundyWikipedia's W.svg in Canada, whose name probably has nothing to do with fundamentalism.

Fundy is slang for fundamentalist, most often applied to American fundamentalist Christians.

While it sometimes is acceptable in casual conversation, its use in print is not only lazy, but quite often offensive to those it is applied to — especially in the formation "fundy loon".

The term is used on the website "Fundies Say The Darndest Things". Please try to offend them with better content rather than cheap slurs. (Note: It is unwise to upset fundamentalists in real life; as it will cause them to, at least, go on a rant about how their deity will destroy all non-believers or, at most, strap on a bomb-vest and go on a Jihad. This is likely the reason that adding a space to "fundies" results in "fun dies.")

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