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1. Some babies are not really babies but demons clothing themselves as babies in attempt to torment the victim's body. 2. Some babies are genuine babies but indwelt by demonic spirits. 3. Some babies are dead babies held in the body by demonic power to torment. 4. Some babies are a human-demon hybrids...
—Jay Bartlett[1]

Jay Bartlett (known on his forum as "Rescuer") is an active participant in the deliverance ministry movement. He maintains the website MinisteringDeliverance.com.

Parts and alters[edit]

Many of the people Bartlett ministers to are clearly mentally ill, and require professional help rather than exorcism. He regularly talks of "parts" and "alters",[2][3] terms associated with dissociative identity disorder. Bartlett points to Psalms 34:18 ("The LORD is nigh unto them that are of a broken heart; and saveth such as be of a contrite spirit") as evidence that "our loving God is very much interested in those who have DID." He goes onto claim that "broken pieces can be demonized and locked up by the enemy" and can also "possess animal spirits".[4]

Spiritual surgery and cursed objects[edit]

Bartlett speaks of coming acoss people who have cursed objects "within their body nature"; he attributes this to the work of Satanic cults. "This ancient practice of infusing individuals with cursed objects is becoming more common in recent years", he says. "We need to be equipped in performing spiritual surgery to assist those tormented with cursed objects within their bodies!"

Describing an exorcism that he performed on a woman (apparently the Tina woman discussed later in the article) who "possessed, within her body nature, two literal animals--parts of animals that the cult spiritually surgically placed within her belly. One was a part of a lizard, it's tail, scales, and fragements of it's skin. These pieces of the lizard were cursed and placed inside of her. There was another animal part within her also, a rabbit's foot, that had been cursed and placed within her stomach area." Bartlett mentions that the woman was having stomach troubles because of these implants.

From some of Bartlett's postings on the subject it is unclear whether he is referring to physical bodies or to someting spiritual. It may appear that by "body nature" he is referring to the soul, and that the objects are only figurative. But no, he is in fact talking about objects being literally implanted in people's bodies, albeit through magical means: "The animals were literal animal parts--I even saw them being expelled out via the mouth", he says of the rabbit foot and lizard bits. "How did they place it in her--it was a combination of the demonic supernaturalism and physical surgery."[5]

Other objects that Bartlett claims to have removed during spiritual surgery include a small motor,[6] a fetus[5] and detection devices.[7] He says that he sometimes comes across live animals implanted in peoples' bodies, including "demon-animal hybrids" and "animals not known to the mainstream population but are breeded in these groups for devilish purposes", and claims to have received death threats from cults, drug cartels and pornography rings for giving out information on this subject.[8]


Perhaps the most befuddling incident (or series of incidents) in Bartlett's career is the saga of Tina. Tina originally joined in 2008, posting under the screenname "homebound" and introducing herself as a 44 year old Missouri resident who had been out of rehab for thirty-one days;[9] judging by the Email address in her profile, her full name is Tina McMullin.[10] Tina claimed to have had experience of the supernatural ("I know what its like to have visits of demons to levitate to astroplane.. I know whats it lke to want out as well an d all u get are meds and it doesnt work"[11]). In 2009, forum member "pinetree" claimed that Tina was set to travel to Texas to be exorcised by Bartlett.[12] The next month Bartlett said that he had met Tina and cast two thousand and two demons (all of them named Jezebeth, apparently) out of her, and caused a "dissociative identity" named Nataley to convert to Christianity.[13]

Assuming that she is real, and not a figment of Bartlett's imagination, Tina clearly needs mental help, as is evident from this post she made shortly after the above incident:

Well I wanted to come in and make a update, two of the monsters came out the night my daddy and james prayed and the rabbit's foot came out.

my daddy said leys see your hand, and he prayed and u could actully see my hand turning red and We could feel it, the lizard tail as well came out.[14]

At around this time forum moderator "nautical999" claimed that Tina was under attack from her family members, who are occultists.[15] "The sadistic cult, she has escaped from, is now after her with a venegence", said Bartlett. "They had their local 'police department' call me to find her whereabouts. I declined to give any information for I have reason to believe this wasn't truly the 'police department.'" He claimed to have taken Tina to "a small but very comfortable room with everything she needs, in a very hidden place in Dallas".[16]

A few days later Bartlett reported that Tina had been captured by the cult; allegedly Bartlett's wife had met with the Dallas Police Department, who said that Tina had reported being held in Dallas against her will. The one holding her against her will would, of course, have been Bartlett, who suggested that Tina only said this because of mind control or demonic possession.[17]

Bartlett claims to have subsequently rescued Tina from the cult.[18] A few months later she was apparently kidnapped by the cult and rescued by Bartlett again. According to Bartlett, she had been "forced to undergo a satanic ritual that involve a ritual killing and drinking of blood"[19] (possibly like the conversion techniques used by Bartlett himself).[20] Tina was then kidnapped again the next month.[21]

Despite supposedly being held captive by the cult, Tina continued to occasionally access the forum and post messages such as this:

i WILL BE HOME SOON I FEEL AN GELS AROUND ME GOOD OMES. IM SO DRUGED UP ITS HARD FOR ME TO RTUPE LOV3E U HUYE IN jeeuesomeone always standing gsurd over me they sy i hsve lsd in my body[22]

Bartlett's last post about Tina was made in August 2009, when he stated that "the cult continues to torment her. She has been moved to different locations and is back and forth trying to make it difficult to locate her."[23] Tina made her last post to the forum in October 2009, saying "Hi every one" alongside a waving smiley.[24]

Exactly what Bartlett was involved with here is unclear, but one wonders if it was legal.

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